10 Winter Hiking Tips

When the days get colder, often our motivation for exploring the outdoors gets lower. Luckily, the #MyMontane community know a thing or two about keeping spirits up throughout winter. Discover their top tips for hiking in the colder seasons and how they stay motivated all year round!

1. “I would say one of the best tips is to invest in good warm technical clothing. Not only will it work well to keep you warm and dry against the elements but they will last a long time. Layering is key, especially here in the U.K, We have a very humid climate and, as anyone knows, as soon as you start hiking you become warm so it's good to take off layers to help regulate your body temperature. You don’t want to sweat because once you reach your resting spot the moisture will cool and quickly wick away any warmth you have. So as soon as you stop you should reapply layers.” Jim Cossey

 2. “Having good layers of clothing is probably one of the most important things when out winter hiking... and enough of them! A good technical baselayer, a warm fleece mid-layer, an insulated jacket and a hardy waterproof shell. You can take off and put on these layers as and when you need. Extra tip: Always take more treat snacks than you think you need, you'll thank yourself one day for that emergency Mars bar.” The Outdoor Yeti

3. “My motivation for hiking is about staying on top of my mental health. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer last year and as treatment progressed, I wasn’t physically capable of getting out on my usual runs, so I turned to hiking. I tended to ruminate, and hiking helped me see things with a greater perspective. Winter offers you a totally different experience when you’re out walking. There aren’t many people or animals on trails which gives you a stillness that you don’t get with any other season. The added challenge that winter conditions bring means I can switch off from my day-to-day life and focus solely on getting to the summit. That and… a flask of tea tastes so much sweeter in crisp winter air!” Sun scene and summit

4. “Try your best not to go alone and, if you do, always let someone know where you're going and an estimated time you might be back. Always check the weather and use common sense when in the mountains. The weather can change very quickly.” Damo Law

5. “The thing that motivates me to get outside in the cold frosty weather is the way I will feel afterwards. It’s a bit of me time with nature and always boosts my mood no matter what the weather is.” Lisa

6. “Get up for a sunrise walk if possible. You will be rewarded with a beautiful sunrise sky and you will have more daylight hours to be in the mountains as it gets dark pretty early in winter time.” Daiga Korme

7. “My biggest tip would be to always check the weather right up to the minute you head out and to always carry an extra warm, dry layer. Start cold as you will warm up so fast!” LB

8. “Don’t be afraid of turning back! The conditions can change quickly up in the mountains. If the weather takes a turn for the worse there is no shame in turning back - the fells aren’t going anywhere!” Roaming the Lakes

9. “For me, photography is a huge driving force for getting me out on the mountains in winter. It is by far my favourite time of the year for hiking. If I could offer advice to anyone looking to keep warm over winter, it would be to focus on the layers. Merino base layer, a breathable fleece, a good shell jacket, and a down jacket packed away - this is always my go to set up.” Darragh Lough

10. “Before you set off, ensure you have given yourself enough time for the whole hike. Have you added some extra time to summit? To rest? Or even to bag yourself that selfie on a ledge or at the summit? Time is different for everyone.” Hiking with Ben