Our history is crammed full of innovation in the workshop, extreme expeditions to the most inhospitable corners of the planet, extraordinary athletes that push the boundaries of possibility and well-established partnerships with the world’s most brutal endurance events. Combined, these elements tell our story – who are we, why we exist. Further. Faster.
1993<br><span>Born on Expedition</span>

Born on Expedition

Montane's founding directors Chris Roff and Jake Doxat met on a 3 month expedition to southern Chile in 1989.

1997<br><span> Extreme Range</span> 

Extreme Range 

One of Montane's most iconic products, still used by outdoor professionals and mountain rescue teams worldwide.

1998<br><span> Eight Smock</span> 

Eight Smock 

Revolutionary early 'softshell' garment that brought the brand to prominence as a true innovator of 'bleeding edge' products.

1999<br><span> Featherlite™ Smock</span> 

Featherlite™ Smock 

Montane establishes itself as 'the pioneer of Featherlite™ clothing' with the original super lightweight packable windshirt.

2001 <br><span>Terra Pants</span> 

Terra Pants 

Often imitated yet never beaten. A technical outdoor wardrobe staple for many.

2002<br><span>Air Jacket</span>

Air Jacket

Innovative, versatile, lightweight 3 layer waterproof jacket that set a new industry standard.

2004 <br><span>North Pole - The Ultimate Solo Expedition</span> 

North Pole - The Ultimate Solo Expedition 

Montane's Ben Saunders became the youngest adventurer to ski solo to the North Geographic Pole from Ward Hunt Island, taking 3 months.

2008<br><span>1st Montane Lakeland 100 Race</span>

1st Montane Lakeland 100 Race

The Launch of the iconic Lakeland 100 Ultra tour of the Lake District - now the most spectacular and largest endurance trail event in the UK.

2008<br><span>Prism Jacket</span>

Prism Jacket

The first of Montane's award winning Prism range; versatile, lightweight, breathable synthetic products.

2009<br><span>Women's First - Kaspersky Lab Commonwealth Antartic Expedition</span>

Women's First - Kaspersky Lab Commonwealth Antartic Expedition

Montane's Felicity Aston led the largest international expedition of women ever to ski to the South Pole.

2011<br><span> Minimus Jacket </span>

Minimus Jacket 

Incredibly lightweight, waterproof, breathable garments essential for fast and light mountain activities.

2014<br><span> 1st Montane Spine Race</span>

1st Montane Spine Race

Montane becomes headline sponsor of one of the worlds toughest endurance races.

2014<br><span> Launch of VIA Trail Series® </span>

Launch of VIA Trail Series® 

The launch of Montane's dedicated trail running collection of clothing, packs and accessories specifically for ultra runners.

2016<br><span> 1st Montane's Tor de Géants Race</span>

1st Montane's Tor de Géants Race

Montane becomes headline sponsor of the world famous 205-mile endurance race in the Italian Alps.

2016<br><span>GORE-TEX™ Partnership</span>

GORE-TEX™ Partnership

Montane introduces Gore-Tex fabrics into the range, becoming the first technical outdoor brand to receive a Gore license in over a decade.

2017<br><span>Icarus & Phoenix Jackets</span>

Icarus & Phoenix Jackets

The first technical brand to use PrimaLoft® ThermoPlume - a revolutionary lightweight 'synthetic down' insulation.

2018<br><span>VIA Trail Series® 2.0 </span>

VIA Trail Series® 2.0 

The second generation of Montane's highly successful trail running range is launched.

2018<br><span>Hydrogen Extreme Smock</span>

Hydrogen Extreme Smock

A light and breathable high performance update to our classic mountain smock.

2021<br><span>Montane Dragon’s Back Race®</span>

Montane Dragon’s Back Race®

The now annual Montane Dragon’s Back Race® will challenge the world’s best ultra-runners with 380km of distance and 17,400m of ascent, in 2021, 2022 and 2023.

2019<br><span>Fair Wear Foundation</span>

Fair Wear Foundation

We joined the Fair Wear Foundation, an independent, non-profit organisation that works to improve conditions for workers in garment factories.

2021<br><span>Responsible Choices</span>

Responsible Choices

We switched our polybags to use 100% recycled plastic.

2021Run the World Mountains - Expedition

2021Run the World Mountains - Expedition

Montane's Jenny Tough completed her epic 5-year mountain challenge after 6 runs across some of the most remote landscapes on the planet. Find out more.

2022<br><span>Anti-Freeze Jackets Range</span>

Anti-Freeze Jackets Range

Made from recycled materials and RDS certified down.

2023<br><span>30 Years of Progress</span>

30 Years of Progress

For three decades Montane has evolved with the changing landscape of adventure. We were born in a world of exploration and have evolved to enable fast and efficient movement.

2023<br><span>Know What You’re Buying</span>

Know What You’re Buying

Transparent information on the materials used in products to help consumers make informed, long-term choices.