Introducing The Last Ride Project

The Last Ride Project is an ambitious world’s first in global ski mountaineering, brought to you by ex-competitive skiers Ed Salisbury, Will Tucker and award-winning filmmaker Jon Moy. The trio are aspiring to become the first people to climb and ski the tallest mountain on each of the seven continents - from Kilimanjaro at the peak of Africa, to Mt. Vinson in the far-gone plains of Antarctica, and culminating in a nail-biting winter expedition on Mt. Everest.

Underpinning this epic ski expedition is a key focus on environmentalism. The mission? To record their adventures and develop a greater understanding of climate change, showcase the beauty and fragility of our world, and most importantly share innovative and actionable strategies to preserve it. To do so the team will be collaborating with a wide network of people on the frontline of the growing crisis - from leading climatologists and environmental activists to local communities and individuals around the world.

Significantly; Ed, Will and Jon will likely be the last people to ever ski the Seven Summits. That’s because the historic glaciers found on these mountains are melting at an unprecedented rate. This includes the ice fields on Kilimanjaro, which are predicated to be gone within a decade.

Stay tuned to see how The Last Ride expedition unfolds…

Will Tucker

I grew up with a family fanatical about skiing and was lucky enough to be charging around the alps as fast as two sticks would carry me. This obsession has never left me and I don’t think I will ever grow out of wanting to ski as much as possible in the most interesting way I can. This has led me to develop my climbing in order to access more interesting places to ski. Climbing has also given me a better head game to perform when I get there; and learning to speed ride so I don’t have to stop skiing when the cliff is too big to jump.

Ed Salisbury

I started skiing when I was 5 with my dad, I quickly got board of piste skiing, for my 9th birthday he bought me an avalanche kit and transceiver and away we went. He showed me how to respect the mountains. I then transitioned into my free skiing career, ski for the GB Park and Pipe team for a number of years until my early 20s when my need to explore deeper into the mountains grew. This is when my love for larger expedition started. I am at my happiest when in the mountains with good friends.

Jon Moy

I grew up in Zimbabwe, and learnt to ski on dry slope. The first time I saw a snowy mountain it completely blew my mind, and set me on a path that would dictate the rest of my life. I've now been shooting films on snow for 20 years, with some of the most interesting people I have ever met, in the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I am eternally grateful for what the mountains have given me, and now aim to focus my creativity on protecting them.

Key Achievements

Key Achievements

2022 - Skied Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania & Mt. Denali, Alaska
2021 - Skied Mt.Elbrus, Russia

"The last ride project features skiing alpine climbing and paragliding on big mountains through a crazy range of climatic condition. Having gear that works well in a light and durable set up is the dream. With Montane I am comfortable at 50 mph at 5000m on Elbrus, -40 in Alaska and trudging through a humid Tanzanian rain forest.” - Ed Salisbury

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