4 ways we’re investing in our planet

At Montane, we believe in celebrating Earth Day every day! Discover what we’re doing to invest in our planet and help protect our playground for future generations.

Earth Day (22 April) marks a call to arms - a chance for the world to put climate action center stage. But we believe this action should be taken every day. Ultimately, our commitment to making considered, responsible choices is integral to how we choose to operate as a business. 

Our journey towards reducing our impact is ever evolving. We are actively seeking ways to reduce our environmental impact and correct our path. As this evolves, we are being transparent with you so that you feel well informed about the origin of your Montane kit and equipment.

To help steer us in the right direction, we are guided by 4 pillars which you can learn more about on our dedicated Further Forever sustainability hub. For those of you eager to understand some of the positive steps we have taken recently, keep reading…

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The revamped Montane Repairs Service makes it even easier to keep your kit in action for longer

Durability is the cornerstone of our design and manufacturing philosophy. But we know that the nature of exploring is challenging, and exposed environments can lead to wear and tear over the years. Cue our Montane Repairs Service, which aims to restore your favourite Montane items back to their former glory.

We’ve had a repairs service for several years now, but made our online platform easier to use in 2022. This has enabled more of you to access this essential service, which aims to reduce waste and keep your favourite kit in use for more adventures! 

Not sure what to expect? Hear from some of the customers who have used our repairs service recently. You can also learn more about our Repairs Service, including the amazing ‘repair Claire’ - who heads up our in-house team of seamstresses.

We’ve been a member of Fair Wear Foundation since 2019

We only work with manufacturers who respect the rights and wellbeing of the people who make our products. To ensure that the high standards we expect are being consistently met throughout our supply chain,  we have taken steps to monitor and verify this.

Having been a member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) for several years now, we’re dedicated to improving working conditions for the employees in the factories we work with. To help achieve FWF’s goals, the organisation is guided by 8 code of labour practices, which includes things like ensuring that employment is freely chosen, hours of work are reasonable, and there is a safe working environment. Significantly, each of the factories we work with agrees to adhere to these practices and are regularly audited to provide us visibility on their compliance. 

As a Fair Wear Foundation member, you can rest assured that the garments you have received from us are manufactured in an ethical and responsible way. Ultimately, in choosing to shop with us, you support the basic rights of the workers who make your Montane kit, helping to make clothing fairer for everyone.

Montane staff have volunteered over 90 hours towards local litter picking 

Our products are made for wild and extreme environments, so we’re passionate about the survival and ongoing maintenance of these places. That’s why we support several organisations that help to maintain and restore local environments, including Fix the Fells and the Climate Project.

In addition to working with external organisations dedicated to doing good, we are also passionate about doing our own bit to help keep our local ecosystems thriving. To do so, our HQ team takes part in regular litter picks around our head office, based in Northumberland. 

In the past year alone, our team has volunteered over 90 hours towards local litter picks. The addition of a new litter pick station in our entrance way means that our staff can now take part in litter picking on any of their lunch breaks - meaning even more opportunity to keep our local spaces free of litter! Hear from some of the regular litter heroes in our team to find out why they like to volunteer.

Montane Litter Pick

In 2022 we launched More Sustainable Choice, providing more transparency about our fabric sourcing decisions

From the origin of raw materials to the resources used throughout processing, we’re working hard to reduce our environmental footprint without compromising on product performance. 

To help provide more transparency on this and the materials we use, in 2022, we launched More Sustainable Choice. To qualify, all items of kit in this collection must contain 50%+ more sustainable materials. A criteria for and breakdown of these materials can be seen on individual product pages and includes an overall ‘more sustainable content’ percentage, the country of manufacture and specific material composition information. To find out more about More Sustainable Choice, take a look at our dedicated blog.

Eager to shop more consciously this season? Our popular technical Dart base layers use recycled polyester, saving 534,526 plastic bottles from going to landfill this spring/ summer alone! Find out more in our guide to recycled Dart base layers

More Sustainable Choice Clothing

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