HOWARD DRACUP: Brecon Beacons 100 Kit List

Here’s my kit list I chose to either wear, carry or have in my drop bag for versatility/change in weather! Pre, during & post race: Montane Transition 40L Holdall Kit Bag Montane VIA Razor 15L Running Vest Pack Montane Razor Running Shorts Montane VIA Sun Visor Montane Men's Featherlite Trail Vest Montane Power Dry Gloves Montane VIA Fang 5L Running Vest Pack Montane Dragon Pull-On Fleece Jacket Montane VIA Gecko Running Vest Pack Montane Cadenza Cap Montane Allez Micro Fleece Hoodie Montane Primino 140 T-Shirt Montane Minimus Stretch Ultra Waterproof