8 summer running tips

Hit the trail with confidence this summer! Don’t miss #TeamMontane’s expert advice to help you make the most of running in the coming months…

We know the lighter mornings and nights, alongside the possibility of warmer, sunnier days on the trail are what many of us have been patiently waiting for. But don’t forget these ‘better’ conditions still pose challenges for runners chasing PBs.

To help you make the most of the sunnier conditions, and keep you comfortable and protected on the move, make sure you check out Montane’s summer running kit, available for men and women - featuring lightweight, breathable clothing and equipment. This includes technical T-shirts treated with Polygeine, to help with odour generated whilst sweating, aswell as trail tights and  lightweight, packable waterproof jackets.

We believe every keen runner who eager to pack in the miles this summer, should also own a running pack. The Montane hydration vest packs are amongst some of our most popular packs in the range, and come with built-in hydration systems as well as plenty of pockets for ease of stashing all your running essentials.

Once you have nailed down your running kit list, ensuring you are able to maximise your days on the trail is also something we can help with! Having provided their expert tips for winter running we caught back up with #TeamMontane ultra runners Debbie Martin-Consani and Simon Roberts to find out their advice for running in the heat…

Essential running kit

Take care with water

Check where you’re getting your water from. Make sure there are no houses and cattle nearby and that the water is fast flowing.  Don’t rely on picking up water on the route either. Streams can dry up quickly if there hasn’t been rain for a few days. Depending on how remote you’re going, it might be worthwhile getting a drinks bottle filter and using purifying tablets if you're not comfortable drinking from the streams.

Athlete Debbie wearing the hydration running vest pack | Montane

Drench your neck chief

Dip your neck chief in cold water then pop it around your neck - it is a wonderful relief when you’re hot and sweaty on the trail!

Slow down!

When the days get very hot, slow your pace down and try to conserve your energy. Do not fight the heat, the heat will win.

Athlete Simon Roberts tackles the Draons Back race | Montane

Watch out for insects

Summer means the bugs are out in force. So watch out for midges, houseflies and worst of all, ticks! It’s worth packing some bug spray in your running vest pack to help you ward off these irritating little critters. And be sure to do a check over yourself when you return to flick off any unwanted friends…

Protection from the sun

On really hot days, be sure to put sun cream on before you run to save you from getting sunburnt. A pair of shades and a hat of your choice are also essential. Visors are great to keep the sun out of your eyes without your head overheating.  Watch your scalp doesn’t get burned though and maybe opt for a cap if you know it’s going to be a particularly cloudless/hot day.

Running cap & vest pack | Montane

Make use of Electrolytes

Whilst running you will lose electrolytes through your sweat. It’s essential for runners to have a balanced electrolyte level for optimum performance! You can use electrolyte powders to mix with your drink. It’s also worth taking some spares for the very warm days.

Lightweight, breathable kit

Even if it’s a cloudy day, chances are you’re going to get very sweaty! That’s why lightweight, breathable vests and running shorts are a must. I usually always keep a spare pair of clean clothes in the car to get changed into after my run.

Simon Roberts running | Montane

Don’t be complacent

It’s Britain after all and the weather can change really quickly here! Always carry a lightweight waterproof jacket and some trousers if you can, as well as an emergency blanket. There’s nothing worse than feeling cold and uncomfortable on a long run in the middle of nowhere.

Looking for more run inspiration?

If you’re feeling ready to hit the trail, don’t forget to take a look over our essential running kit for summer before you do - your chance to get suitably kitted out for all your running adventures this season.  For more motivation to get moving, hear from #TeamMontane to discover why they love to run.

Simon Roberts wins the Dragons Back race 2021 | Montane