Ambassador Review: The Protium Fleece with Calum Maclean

During our ‘Longest Line’ walk, one challenge was staying at the right temperature-especially when faced with the heathery hill climbs that turned into full-body workouts!

The longest line is a Montane-supported project be the first to cross the longest straight line in the UK that you can walk without crossing a road. 71.5km across the Scottish Cairngorms.

I run very hot when moving in the hills but I found the protium hoodie was an ideal mix of warmth for putting on once we reached the summit breezes and then into descents, while not causing me to overheat. It allowed me to move without restriction, and was also a good mid-layer to wear at camp. To keep weight down we didn’t carry much spare clothing-this was my only jumper, and the only one I needed.

Women's Protium Fleece Hoodie

Men's Protium Fleece Hoodie