Ambassador Review: The Protium Jacket Katy Parrott

My protium has been my go-to fleece layer recently, and has seen action on all my micro adventures, from the Norfolk coast to the Brecons.

I’ve found it to be simple, but highly functional. Its inner fleece has a waffle-like construction, which makes it excellent at trapping heat and wicking moisture, whilst also feeling very pleasant, whilst its low-profile and active fit makes it great for scrambling about.

It seems to maximise its use as an under and outer layer, meaning I can go for longer without having to manage my layering system. I think because it is so good at regulating its internal environment. Especially during the unseasonable bursts of heat we have been experiencing through some days recently. Excess heat seams to burn through it, and helps dry any moisture that has been wicked to the outer surface. Ideal

The Protium has earned its place as my go-to fleece layer for pretty much anything. If you like lightweight, versatile simplicity, I’d highly recommend it.

Women's Protium Fleece Jacket

Men's Protium Fleece Jacket