An Ode to the Outdoors

Our collective love for the outdoors brings us together. The reasons for why we love it sets us apart. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we asked the Montane community to share with us why they have such an affinity with the great outdoors.

At Montane we have a life-long passion for exploring the great outdoors! It’s what fuels us to develop expert, outdoor clothing (check out our Valentine’s Day collection for inspiration) that help you make the most of missions in these adventure playgrounds. But don’t take our word for it! Here’s what The Montane team have to say…

“From a young age I loved being in the outdoors but it’s the mountains where I really grew as a person. They challenge you, they force you to adapt and they punish you if it goes wrong. When it all goes right – well - that's when the best memories are made!” - Matt Cooper, Montane Ambassador

“I love navigating a remote place completely carved out by nature, little-changed by the modern world. Planning trips to places like this and exploring them in a range of ways (either by bike, paddleboard or even just my feet) is what motivates me day-to-day. It’s here where I feel most energized and happy!” - Fran Wilson, Montane Digital Marketing Manager

“I love the outdoors for so many reasons and I can never get enough of blue (water) or green (mountains) therapy, it is always the best medicine! Whether it’s for the adventure, the feel good factor, the challenge, the elements, the community, the solitude, the history, the personal growth or simply to just enjoy it….., I have never spent time outdoors and not felt better about myself both physically and mentally.” - Jordan Wylie, Montane Ambassador

I love the freedom of being outdoors; it's my escape from the stresses of life. No one can bother me when I am amongst the hills and the great outdoors. I love getting immersed in the elements, whether it is getting battered by the cold and the wet or just catching some rays in the summer, I love it all!” - Simon Roberts, Montane Athlete

“Whether it’s a really easy day - the weather is ideal and you’re feeling fit, or it’s a supremely difficult day – visibility is poor and you end up an exhausted shell of yourself – you will end up recalling both days with equal fondness. The outdoors has this great ability to make you feel like yourself, improving mental and physical health in tandem, its where I am most happy and that is why I love it.” - Olivia Jackson, Montane E-Commerce Executive

“My family joke that I am feral because I am truly happiest when in the great outdoors. Whether it's rain or shine, a cold swim, a wild camp or a long trail run, I always get such a buzz from the fresh air, being out in nature and exploring new places. Being outdoors is a guaranteed endorphins boost every single time - the best kind of relationship! Also, there's no such thing as bad weather, just poor kit choice - luckily, Montane kit always has me covered!” - Katy Parrott, Montane Athlete

"15 years ago when I was asked ‘what do you want to do?’ I said I didn’t know. I was then asked ‘what don’t you want to do?’ I said ‘work in an office’. Now 15 years into a career working in the mountains and it has been the best decision I ever made. I love them for the risk and the safety, for the failures and rewards, for the lessons they teach. A lifetime in the mountains will not be a life wasted.’’ - Dan Armstrong, Montane Sell Through Content Manager

“Up in the mountains I feel free, I can leave all my obligations behind. My attitude towards life changes from that in the valley.  Mountaineering is my life.” - Maria Martin, Montane Ambassador

“I love to spend time in the outdoors because I can choose to do it alone, with friends, or with my partner who also loves to be in the mountains.” - Rebecca Coles, Montane Athlete

I love the outdoors for the unbridled and unconditional love and acceptance found in nature. Like love, the outdoors is for everyone.” - Jenny Tough, Montane Athlete

“My reason for loving the outdoors is the freedom it gives you to explore boundaries and limits. Mentally and physically your limits are tested and I love the buzz of pushing yourself on a run or putting up a tent in the rain.” - Charlotte Guinan, Montane Marketing Executive

Fresh air and mountains bring a sense of belonging to the landscape, to a community and to a way of life. A classroom to learn about yourself and the living world around you. The outdoors is definitely where I found my love.” - Chloe Lumsdon, Montane Ambassador

I love to be in the mountains because I love the feeling. You get into a good flow and switch off. Nothing else matters and everything’s so simple, all you need to do is put one foot in front of the other and focus on getting from A to B. I like the sense of disconnect that it gives me. - Howard Dracup, Montane Athlete

“My love for the outdoors is a love I get to have all to myself and get to share with others. It gives me so much happiness and so many memories, the freedom to move further faster and the endless opportunities that it brings. From mountaineering to mountain running , there is so much to see and do! It is where I feel most myself and feel alive!” – Kat Roberts, Montane Athlete

“Growing up in the Lake District I have loved being in the outdoors from a young age, the local fells were my playground! Whether it be on two wheels or two feet, getting outside means freedom, adventure, personal challenge, a way to find the space to breathe or to face the elements head on.” – Matt Kemp, Montane Design Manager

“I fell in love with climbing about 4 and a half years ago. Climbing gave me something I never knew I needed, and experiencing it in the beauty of the great outdoors has given me such a rush of joy, excitement, adrenaline and contentment. It's given me more awareness of the beauty of creation, and has given me space to heal from my trauma, escape my worries for a while and be free.” – Grace Shephard, Montane Ambassador

“Getting/ going outdoors has always been my favourite way to explore new areas, catch up with friends and make great memories. My main love though is for the headspace being outdoors brings. The sense of freedom and calm a day of fresh air and big views brings can’t be beaten!” Anna Pitman, CSR Manager


Want to help spread the love for the great outdoors? We’d love to hear from you! Share with us the reasons why you love the outdoors by tagging #MyMontane on Instagram. Looking for kit inspiration? Don’t miss our exclusive red-themed Valentine's Day Collection page.