Athlete review: Testing the Protium Fleece Hoodie

Keen to get your hands on a Protium fleece? Not sure what to expect? Hear from Montane athletes Sebastian and Benjamin to see what they think of the popular Protium Fleece Hoodie.

Montane’s Protium range is one of the best-loved in our new season collection. These insulated layers are lightweight, breathable and comfortable - a versatile piece of kit for your layering system this season. Whether you’re heading out walking or hiking in the hills, or simply looking for a warm fleece for colder mornings and evenings this season, a Protium fleece is a great option for a wide variety of activities.

This season, due to popular demand, the Protium Fleece Hoodie is now available in brand new colours, including Kelp Green for men and Wineberry for women - meaning you have even more choice than before! For those who need more convincing, we caught up with 2 passionate mountaineers Sebastian and Benjamin who have been big fans of our Protium fleeces for a while now. Keep reading to hear their kit review of the Protium Fleece Hoodie…

Introducing SebSummits

We are Sebastian & Benjamin, two brothers from Austria and our goal is to climb the 7 Summits. The 7 Summits are the highest mountains on every continent. We have already completed three of them and the fourth is in planning!

We love to be in the mountains, it doesn’t matter what weather or season it is. When we are in the mountains, we feel at home, no matter where we are in the world. In the mountains we can fully concentrate on the moment and leave the everyday stress in the valley. You experience nature very intensively and get to know yourself better.

How we’ve tested the Protium

We've been using the Protium Fleece Hoodie for about half a year now, so we've been able to test it extensively in both summer and winter conditions. As you’ve probably picked up on already, we like to head up high and explore some of the more extreme places on the planet. After a long-term test in these environments, we trust its performance.

In the Alps, we had the jacket with us on every tour and were very satisfied with it. In February 2022 we also flew to an expedition in the Ecuadorian Andes and were able to subject the Protium Fleece Hoodie to very intense environments. 

During the acclimatization tours, we mostly used it as the outermost layer, or in combination with the Icarus vest. On the main tours to the 5 and 6000 meter mountains, we used the Protium Fleece Hoodie as a fixed component of our layering system. When it became really cold, we additionally used the Axis Alpha Down Jacket or the Anti-Freeze Down Jacket.

After this endurance test in Ecuador we can say that we are fully satisfied. The moisture management and thermal regulation are outstanding. The fit is also very good, even when used as part of a layering system you never have an oppressive feeling. The material used and the workmanship are what we have typically come to expect of Montane - excellent quality.

Favourite Features

The small pocket on the chest is great to store small items that we find useful on the move. We also like the range of colours to choose from - Inca Gold is our kind of colour! Finally the fit of the Protium is perfect. We wear a size Medium and find this not too tight and not too wide. 

Final thoughts

We’ll use the Protium Fleece Hoodie on every future adventure, whether this is ski touring, hiking or climbing and even in our everyday life it will be a fixed item. Well done Montane, keep on going!

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