Athlete Reviews: The most versatile kit in our range

Hear from 3 Montane athletes to find out what their most versatile pieces of Montane kit are this season.

Versatile kit for versatile adventures - it’s a mantra at the heart of our Made for More campaign this season. We believe ensuring you can get more out of your outdoor clothing is essential to help you enjoy boundless adventure - to go further, faster! 

So with versatility in mind, we asked 3 Montane athletes to share their kit picks this season. Keep reading to hear from fastpacker and bikepacker Jenny Tough, ultra runner Katy Parrott and climber Franco Cookson. Find out why they love this item so much, what their favourite feature is and how it’s helping them to achieve their adventure goals. 

Katy Parrott | Kit pick: Spine Jacket

As someone who will run in any weather, rain, snow or shine, it’s essential to have an outer-layer that can cope with all seasons thrown into one day. The Spine  waterproof Jacket is hands down the best running waterproof I have ever had. For GORE-TEX it is extremely thin and lightweight but doesn’t compromise on the high quality you would expect from a GORE-TEX jacket. I’ve taken it out trail running in torrential downpour and it hasn’t let me down. Its lightweight qualities also make it extremely packable to have on standby in your pack or ready to put away if the weather clears up whilst on the move.  

Favourite feature?

I love so many of the design features of this waterproof jacket. It’s a fairly close-fitting athletic fit which looks great, fits incredibly well under a running pack, but also means you don’t have excess material flapping around in the rain or wind. The adjustable hood, hem and elasticated cuffs are all great additions to keep rain out.  

Katy Parrott in the Spine waterproof jacket | Montane

Jenny Tough | Kit pick: Ineo Pro Pants

Love the fit, the fabric and the pockets on these women's leggings. I end up wearing these all the time through the seasons. I first used these on my fastpacking trip across the Southern Alps in New Zealand (23 days). They were my warmer layer for mornings/evenings, and I used them every day. I loved that I could fit them over the top of my shorts for convenience when I was trying to move fast and needed a little extra warmth. I’m still wearing that same pair a couple years later on a very regular basis! The Ineo Pants really are the perfect all-round adventure legging. I wear them for skiing, hiking, cycling… everything!

Favourite feature? 

Women’s gear rarely comes with useful pockets so this is a real treat.

Jenny Tough in the Ineo pants womens leggings | Montane

Franco Cookson | Kit pick: Protium Hoodie 

The fit of the Protium is just great. It hugs your body in a layer of stretchy and warm fleece, formed into little squares to allow for breathability and also a little bit of lofting when worn under a windproof layer, which is really valuable when the sun starts to go down, or it gets unexpectedly cold. When climbing, it's really important that nothing gets in the way of movement, as this just makes the moves even more difficult! The Protium is constructed in a way to maximise movement whilst minimising gaps in the hood, waist and cuffs. It has very quickly become my favourite hoodie for days at the crag.

 Favourite feature?

Fabric is so important with a jacket and the Protium excels both as a light and highly breathable performance top for full-on exertion on a cool morning or evening, as well as a warm mid layer, when worn under a belay jacket when it's really cold. 

Franco Cookson in ther Protium hoodie | Montane