Best Men’s Waterproof Jackets

Stay dry, protected and comfortable on the move - no matter what the weather throws at you this season. Take a look at our top waterproof jackets for men. 

Let’s face it, no matter what the season, a heavy downpour is a common feature of the Great British weather. But here at Montane we don’t believe a bit of rain should ever stop you from getting out and enjoying the great outdoors. That’s why investing in a technical, durable waterproof jacket is an absolutely essential piece of kit for anyone eager to explore the UK’s incredible natural spaces. 

First things first, waterproof jackets are developed to help block out the rain. Most people are familiar with the terms water repellant (able to resist water to some degree, but not fully) and water resistant (much harder to penetrate with water).  A good waterproof should also come with a breathable membrane. This is because whilst on the move, you generate your own water, in the form of sweat. A breathable jacket allows the sweat you generate to pass out of the jacket - helping to keep you dry! Rest assured, no matter what the style, all Montane waterproofs are engineered with this breathable technology, though how breathable this is, varies jacket-to-jacket. 

So where do you begin? Depending on what you’re eager to get up to, there’s a men's waterproof jacket best suited for you! We have several options to choose from, each combining water-resistant protection with highly breathable fabrics - alongside an array of handy features that will help you maximise your chosen activity. Whether you love to walk, run or are simply looking for a waterproof jacket for everyday use - all of our jackets featured below offer serious waterproof protection, when you need it most!

Phase Mens Waterproof Jacket

Best for: Walking and Hiking | Phase Waterproof Jacket

Whether you’re planning to climb a Munro, or you’re eager to take on one of #TeamMontane’s recommended hikes, a good waterproof is essential to help keep you protected on the trail. Alongside reliable GORE-TEX technology to keep you dry, our longest waterproof jacket also provides additional coverage and protection. A 2-way zip means you can easily unzip from the bottom for enhanced ease of movement.

Best for: General outdoor use | Spirit Waterproof Jacket 

Don’t get caught out in a downpour this season! Whatever your plans, stay protected on the move with the Spirit Waterproof Jacket. Engineered with GORE-TEX PACLITE® technology ensures reliable protection from any rain and wind. This lightweight watperoof also benefits from being easy to pack away in your backpack.

Best for: Running | Phase Nano Waterproof Jacket

Introducing our lightest and most breathable GORE-TEX waterproof jacket for men. Weighing in at 250g, the Phase Nano is lightweight without compromise. An excellent companion for long trail runs where you’ll likely be exposed to changeable conditions during the day. Ideal for training, or taking on a tough summer ultra, such as the Summer Spine Race. This technical men’s waterproof jacket will enable you to push your limits, even in heavy downpours.

Mens Phase Lite Waterproof Jacket | Montane

Best for: Fast packing | Phase Lite Waterproof Jacket

For those of you eager to move fast and light in the mountains, the Phase Lite GORE-TEX waterproof jacket excels at providing enhanced moisture management for a wide range of high-output activities. This versatile jacket benefits from being highly packable, lightweight and breathable -  ensuring you’re well protected when bad weather rolls in, and easily ably to stuff it away when things brighten up again. 

Best for: Mountaineering | Phase XT Waterproof Jacket

Engineered with a robust feature set that’s suited specifically for mountaineering, climbing and ski touring. The Phase XT waterproof jacket is a highly durable and abrasion-resistant GORE-TEX jacket - providing enhanced protection when moving across rock and ice. A helmet-compatible hood and ‘mountain fit’ mean you can wear the additional warm, insulating layers and equipment underneath this jacket that you’ll require to keep you safe in mountain environments.

Phase XPD Mens Waterproof Jacket

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Looking for head-to-toe protection? A men's waterproof jacket is a great start but protecting your legs will provide maximum comfort whilst on the move in wet conditions.  Take a look at our technical men's waterproof trousers to get you started!