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We’ve teamed up with the Climate Project to help combat the climate crisis. To help raise more funds for this amazing cause, this weekend we’re donating £5 for every Organic Cotton T-Shirt we sell. Go on, help us to protect the planet for future generations…

This weekend, why not help us to raise funds for The Climate Project? For every purchase of any of our 100% Organic Cotton T-Shirts, we’ll donate £5 to their amazing work. Keep reading to find out what this will go towards and how you can do a good deed for the planet. 

The Climate Project

The Climate Project is an environmental campaign set up by the British Mountaineering Council in conjunction with Moors for the Future, as a way to help combat the climate crisis. The project supports work which protects peat moorlands around the UK.

To date, we have donated over £25,000 to The Climate Project. These donations go towards the planting of Sphagnum Moss across British landscapes, which is especially good at capturing carbon from the atmosphere. 

Want to find out more? Tune into our podcast with Dr Catherine Flitcroft, Access and Conservation Officer at the British Mountaineering Council. Catherine shares more about the amazing work of the Climate Project, including all the incredible climate combat qualities of Sphagnum Moss - a powerhouse plant with many incredible qualities.

A Better T-Shirt for the Planet

Alongside helping to raise funds to plant more Sphagnum Moss in the UK, our Organic T-Shirts are also made with 100% organic cotton. You can discover more about why organic cotton is a better option for the planet in our dedicated blog. Not only that, but our Graphic T-Shirts are highly versatile - a great option for adventure enthusiasts this season seeking light layers.

Updated 25/07/2022: Thank you to everyone who supported this campaign! With your help over the weekend we raised a grand total of £765 to donate to the Climate Project's amazing work across the UK.

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