Find Your Alive
Autumn Winter Campaign

It’s there. Waiting for you. We are no stranger to hardship, but we don’t suffer unnecessarily. Our adventure is in endeavour, not struggle.

Our kit allows us to be dexterous in our efforts, finding comfort in the discomfort of these harsh conditions, unrestrained to indulge in the challenges of the environments we find so invigorating. Finding comfort in the space between breaths of a rapid ascent, or the joyous exhale of a heart-in-mouth descent. Whether our goal is chasing a time or a summit, the means is always similar; to enjoy the sensation of effort.

The Wind-cracked skin and the bite of cold on calloused hands, the lactic burn of muscles and the sting of rain on our faces. Chasing the moments of quite on a long trail, the euphoric peace between the remote and reassured, when the unfathomable becomes the achievable. Therefore, our kit is the perfect balance of science and practical experience, with emphasis on maintaining internal environments via the perfect balance of active and passive technologies and a refined suite of intuitive, well-placed features.

It gives you space to step into the unknown between exposed and exhilarated free from distraction, fully invested in wringing every ounce of exhilaration from the present. They are tested rigorously in the field by some of the world’s top athletes to produce products that enable optimum performance in the most hostile conditions and environmentsAll so that you can test yourself in the truest, purest form. So you can Find Your Alive