Finding peace in the mountains

Samuel Frontzek finds peace in the Scottish mountains. A story of transformation and gaining strength from nature.

Photo: Mist hangs in the Glencoe Mountain range valley. Images featured in this story have been captured by: @luke.cowen

This year Montane marks 30 years of bringing you lightweight and breathable outdoor clothing and equipment. To celebrate, we asked you to share your Montane moments. Stories inspired by immersing yourself in the great outdoors with the support of your favourite Montane gear. 

We were blown away by the response and loved reflecting on our journey so far. We heard so many amazing stories, but one in particular stood out. Samuel Frontzek reminds us just how powerful and transformative nature can be. Here is his story…

"Purpose is important in life, but also trusting one's process of growth. Some people find it through their family and friends, or their job. For me, I don’t need to think about who I am in the mountains. If struggling or lost, the mountains have always helped guide me. Samuel Frontzek

30 Years of Progress

Finding solace in the mountains

“I began mountaineering and climbing as a child, yet fell out of practice during my teens. For a while I had no connection to the mountains until I moved back to  Scotland and began to live and work in the countryside.

I reconnected with my love for the mountains in my early 20s, as I had been struggling with my mental health. I found that being in nature, on the mountain, provided a place of healing, sanctuary, and peace.”

Great gear for bigger adventures 

“As I reconnected with my passion for hiking, I developed my mountaineering and climbing skills by pushing myself to tackle more challenging terrain. Along the way I found initially the Montane Terra Pants. I am a fairly tall guy at 6'6” and it was hard to find a pant long enough but also the right fit and feature set. 

Since I bought my first pair a few years back, I have used them everywhere, from climbing sea cliffs to cragging in the Cairngorms to walking the length of the UK. Back in 2022 I also walked from John O'Groats to Lands End to raise awareness for those struggling with mental health and drug addictions.”

Finding peace in nature

Reaching new heights

“I felt compelled to experience the Aonach Eagach ridge partly due to its atmosphere and awe, but also because my dad had done it years back in winter. The narrow ridge links two summits, Meall Dearg ( 953m) and Sgòrr nam Fiannaidh (967m). It’s a grade 2/3 scramble well within mine and Luke’s (my climbing partner) abilities, yet still requires preparation and a level head. Best to climb/scramble on a dry day.     

We camped overnight on the first munro of the ascent and woke up to an epic sunrise over the Scottish Glencoe mountains. Mist was hanging in the valley and a -6 windchill reminded us just how exposed we were at that height. By the time we reached the beginning of the scramble, the mist was lifting and the rock began to dry. We couldn’t have asked for better conditions in the mountains that day.

The views down into the valley are just unreal from here and take in the 3 sisters, as well as Glencoe village. You can also see further north - there are lots of mountains all around. You can see lots of tourists down in the valley. But I prefer to be up away from everyone!

Part way along, we cooked up some noodles for lunch, before finishing up the scramble and heading back down to our car. We decided to stay another night and enjoy the sunset. We both felt filled with gratitude for this experience. And just like that the day ended with a peaceful night at camp.

I find peace through movement, especially in the mountains” 

Scottish climbing and hiking

Nature’s strength

“Nature is ultimately where I find myself, where I am reminded of who I am and of the amazing strength and power we have as humans, to create change, to grow from pain and challenges. I am glad that Montane has been a part of my journey and can proudly say it is my go to now for most outdoor adventures and explorations.”

30 years of progress

Thanks to Sam for sharing his story. Head over to our 30 years of progress hub where you can find out more about our journey so far.