FURTHER. FASTER. Podcast. Episode - 11: Science at Extremes with Dr Melanie Windridge

In this edition, we speak with Dr Melanie Windridge, she describes herself as a speaker and a writer… with a taste for adventure. Also, she is currently a plasma physicist working in fusion energy.

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This combined with a healthy obsession with the Northern Lights has led to her to write the groundbreaking book 'Aurora: In Search of the Northern Lights'. Melanie also has a blog called 'Science At Extremes' which led from her successful Everest expedition where she took a distinctly scientific perspective at climbing the mountain. In this wide-reaching conversation, we spend time discussing the importance of science on expeditions to high altitude and in turn, what we can learn from exploring these zones. Dr Melanie Windridge is a fascinating, inspiring and eloquent interviewee. Listen in.

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