FURTHER. FASTER. Podcast - S1 Episode 5

Montane Ambassador Jen Scotney talks entertainingly of the connection between mind and body, and how running improves all aspects of life if you are willing to put the miles in.


jen scotney on the further faster podcast | Montane Click the image to listen on Buzzsprout

Welcome to Episode 5 Further, Faster, a monthly podcast in association with Montane. This is the podcast that takes a deeper look into why, and how, ultra athletes, explorers and mountaineers do what they do. This month, host Daniel Neilson speaks to Montane ambassador and ultra runner Jen Scotney. Jen is a remarkable person. She’s a human rights lawyer by day (and sometimes night), and is also an exceptional ultra runner, placing high in the Montane Spine Challenger and the gruelling 190-mile Northern Traverse. The most remarkable is that she’s fairly new to the sport, and what makes talking to her so interesting is that all that learning, all those formative experiences are happening right now. We learn about new training routines and diet, about how wellbeing affects her running and how it interacts with her very busy work life. And how recent changes are making huge improvements to her running. Jen herself is fun to talk to and has some hilarious anecdotes. A great insight into the life of one of our best runners. We hope you enjoy… Listen in.