FURTHER. FASTER. Podcast - S1 Episode 7

Welcome to the Further. Faster. Podcast, in association with Montane, the FREE podcast that asks ultra athletes, mountaineers and adventurers the why and the how of what they do.


Further. Faster. Podcast. Episode 7 - Katy Parrott | Montane CLICK THE IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD
This month we talk to Katy Parrott. Participation in the BBC programme Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week changed Katy's life for the better, and has since been described as ‘Tinkerbell crossed with the Terminator’. Her immense, well-rounded fitness marries seamlessly with a nose for adventure and an iron will, enabling her to cross disciplines such as mountaineering and ultra-endurance. We learn about how she deals with low moments in anything from ultra marathons to a friends' suicide and how teamwork can help push through the most adverse conditions. Katy is a remarkable force with some amazing plans. Listen in for an inspiring chat with someone hell-bent on pushing their limits. Presented by Daniel Neilson