How to navigate like a pro

We believe in empowering you to understand the origins of your clothing and equipment to help you make more informed decisions. Discover some of the tools we have specifically developed for to get started…

Our work towards increasing product transparency is ongoing, and we’re committed to keeping you informed along the way. As part of this, we’ve developed several tools to help you understand how our products are made and to help you navigate technical information with confidence and ease. We hope you’ve already come across these tools as you’ve been navigating our website but, if not, here’s an overview of how they work.

Comparison Tool

Got your eye on a few different Montane products but finding it hard to narrow down your options? We’ve all been there! Cue our comparison tool… specially engineered to help you easily compare our range of jackets, fleeces, trousers, packs and gloves. The comparison tool easily helps you see the key features (including weight, technology and customer reviews) of this gear side-by-side, so you can make a more informed decision that enables you to choose the right product for your next adventure.

So how do you start comparing? You can add products into the Comparison Tool either on our collection pages (see men’s waterproof jackets as an example) or on specific product pages. On collection pages, this can be found when you hover over the product image and select the right hand icon or, on product pages, this is found on the right hand column by selecting ‘Click to compare products’. 

Comparison Tool

Glossary of key terms

DWRs, RDS & Hydrostatic Head…have these acronyms got you scratching your head in confusion? The outdoor world can be a technical and complex one, even to the seasoned adventurers amongst us.

We know it can be daunting to understand all the features behind some of the clothing and equipment we develop but fear not - we’ve come up with a plan. Enter our handy glossary, a collection of the terms you’ll encounter across our website, unpacked simply in layman’s terms. Your chance to quickly get up to speed with how we speak and to dazzle your gear geek pals when you’re next out on the hill together…


Know what you’re buying

How your clothes are made is complex, and we want to help aid your understanding of this! That’s why we’ve developed ‘Know what you are buying’, which can be found on selected products across our website that are made with lower impact materials. By clicking on this icon on these product pages, you’ll be provided with a detailed table highlighting the origins of the product, as well as any third party accreditations they may have.

Within these tables we also provide an overall percentage of lower impact materials; this is to help you make more informed choices and to draw comparisons between our products online. Head to our Men’s Dart Long Sleeved T-Shirt to see one of these tables for yourself.