A guide to the George Fisher Tea Round

Looking for an inspiring running challenge that’s accessible to every eager outdoor enthusiast? Take a look at the George Fisher Tea Round, a 30-mile route based in the Lake District National Park. Your chance to enjoy a great day out and give back to these inspiring landscapes…

 Whether you’re looking for an alternative running challenge, or you simply want to enjoy an epic day out in the Lake District (complete with great views and great adventure), The George Fisher Tea Round promises to deliver all this and so much more! 

This 30-mile route starts and finishes at the George Fisher shop in Keswick. In between,  it takes you on a rollercoaster journey through some of the Lake District’s most stunning scenery. En route you’ll ascend over 12,000+ feet, conquering plenty of iconic peaks along the way, including Cat Bells and Causey Peak.

Where it began

George Fisher is one of the oldest retailers in Keswick and offers an iconic shopping experience for outdoor enthusiasts visiting the bustling market town. For those unfamiliar, this is one of the best places to visit for those in need of any essential kit for their adventures in the area. It is here where the idea was first conceived for the Tea Round, back in 2017.

The challenge was hatched by staff members Alan Porthouse and Jacob Tompkinn, who were one day contemplating the visible peaks from the shop, over a good ‘ol cuppa. Alan exclaimed,  “that would be a grand day out”, an idea that Jacob couldn’t shake, so much so that he went on to turn it into a reality. You can hear from Jacob and learn more about this and why he loves the route in this video.

Since then, the challenge has become increasingly popular …and not just with locals! Throughout the summer months, there’s someone almost everyday day now looking to test themselves on the Tea Round. Unlike the more familiar Bob Graham Round, also based in the Lake District - this challenge has no time limit and is half the mileage. This makes it a fantastic option for everyone from elite athletes, to fell runners and general walking enthusiasts alike. 

Helping Fix the Fells go Further Forever

All those who complete the route not only get a great day out, they receive a prestigious badge of honour, as well as a Montane T-shirt! In addition to this, participants are encouraged to donate to Fix the Fells, a local organisation dedicated to helping combat erosion in the region. 

All donations to this organisation are then match-funded by us here at Montane. So far, since 2021, we have match funded over £2,000. Your chance to not only achieve something amazing, but to give back to one of the UK’s most beloved National Parks. 

The Espresso Round

Hot off the heels of the Tea Rounds popularity, new for 2022 is a mini version of this Lake District extravaganza, known as the Espresso Round. Covering 14-miles and 4 impressive peaks (all visible from the George Fisher shop windows) this route is a more accessible option for beginners, or those eager to test the water. 

Sound good? To help get you suitably motivated and prepared for taking on such a challenging route, keep scrolling to hear from #TeamMontane athlete and ultra-running pro Howard Dracup. Based in the Lake District he is passionate about exploring the area at the speed of his feet and has lots of experience taking on the Lakes’ infamous peaks. Keep scrolling to hear his expert advice…






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Top Tips

Feeling inspired?

Discover even more tips on the George Fisher Instagram page. Don’t miss your chance to take on this inspiring challenge on the Lake District - a great challenging trail run to sink your trainers into this season.

 Discover more about the Tea Round on our dedicated webpage. Get the kit you need to take on such a challenge and check out our running kit - specially engineered to help you go further in the hills.