Is litter picking worth it?

Our friends over at the 2-Minute Foundation have a mission to encourage everyone to clean up our planet, 2 minutes at a time. Here’s why.

This summer we’ve had an exciting arrival at Montane HQ, the installation of a 2-minute litter picking station. Providing storage for litter pickers, bags and hand sanitiser, it enables our team of #litterheroes to easily head out and regularly litter pick, whenever they feel like it!

Unless it wasn’t already obvious, we’re pretty passionate about keeping our local spaces tidy and free of litter. We’re also eager to spread the word and raise awareness about the benefits of litter picking.

That’s why we’re working with the 2-Minute Foundation. Keep reading to hear directly from them, to discover their story and the reasons why they believe litter picking is worth it...

2 Minute Foundation at Montane HQ

Why we should litter pick

We have seen a real rise in beach cleaning, litter picking, even paddleboarders picking litter as they enjoy their SUP over the past few years. If it’s new to you, you may be wondering what are the benefits? All of us, likely through no fault of our own, have littered before. Whether that’s a bin ripping open on bin day and a sneaky bit escaping, or something blowing out of the car door when you open it, whether it’s accidental or on purpose, we are all responsible for litter that unfortunately is polluting our lovely planet.

As well as litter being an eyesore, spoiling our beautiful green and blue spaces, it can also have a detrimental effect on our wildlife and oceans. But it’s not all doom and gloom, there is something you can do almost immediately to make a huge difference.

All it takes is 2 minutes - yes that’s right - 2 minutes of your time to look after the planet. You can make a difference right now by simply picking up litter for 2 minutes to help the very place that you have gone to seek solace and thrive. 80% of litter found in the oceans is from in-land waste finding its way to the closest watercourse that, eventually, one way or another through bad weather, drains or entering a stream, a river, or a canal, ends up in the ocean. The ocean gives us the oxygen we breathe, helps control our climate and is a huge carbon sink. We all need to protect it.

Montane Litter Pick

The Story Behind

#2MinuteLitterPick is a campaign by The 2 Minute Foundation inspired by #2Minutebeachclean that was created by travel writer, Martin Dorey, back in 2013. #2Minutebeachclean turned into a social media movement where over 200,000 people took a simple snap of their beach clean litter and sent it off on its way via Twitter and Instagram to shout loud about the problem on our beaches.

Tangible beach clean stations were created by the movement and there are now 1,000 + across the UK both along the coastline and inland in green spaces, towns and national parks. The charity has now gone upstream, inland and into our towns and cities and promotes wellbeing of the planet and for individuals because picking is cathartic.

Now The 2 Minute Foundation is a national charity run by Nicky Green, who was instrumental to the campaigns, and is inspired by the thousands of followers doing something planet positive every single day through The 2 Minute Foundation’s simple and effective campaigns. Our mission is to encourage everyone to clean up our planet, 2 minutes at a time; it really is that simple. As well beach cleaning, our #2minutelitterpick campaign focuses on the protection of our green and inland spaces.

2 Minute Foundation Litter Picking stations around the UK

So, how can you get involved?

All you need is a litter picker, a bag, and 2 minutes of your time! Whilst you’re exploring the local area, take your picker and bag with you, you’d be surprised at how satisfying it is once you start, and sadly how much litter is hidden amongst hedgerows and amongst the grass.

Simply dispose of the litter from your bag in your nearest bin and give yourself a big pat on the back for taking 2 minutes for the planet! As well as the benefit for the planet, it can also be a great way to socialise. There are plenty of beach clean/litter pick groups that would welcome you to join them, or why not encourage your workplace to hold a regular litter pick around the local area? 

Montane Litter Pick Team

Montane x 2 Minute Foundation

Team 2 Minute recently visited the amazing Montane team to share their story and to join their monthly litter pick. You can see the difference their regular litter picks are making in their local area - they are really looking after their patch which is amazing to see.

For litter picking inspiration, positive eco news and to be a part of our 2 Minute Community, join us on socials @2minutehq or head over to learn more about us and how you can get involved in our campaigns to make the planet a better place.