Kit Review: Lite-Speed Trail Pull-On

This season we’ve redeveloped the Lite-speed Trail Pull-On to create a packable, windproof jacket that allows you to move fast and light. Hear what #TeamMontane think…

The Lite-Speed Trail Pull-On has been especially engineered for people who require lightweight kit that doesn’t compromise on their performance or required features. In doing so, we believe we have created the ultimate lightweight, packable jacket for runners. 

But don’t just take our word for it! Montane athlete Howard Dracup is an ultra runner and running coach based in Cumbria who has been putting our Lite-Speed Trail Pull-On through its paces in recent months. Hear how this has now become Howard’s go-to jacket for cold, windy days on the trail…

First impressions

As a runner I generally want my kit to do more than just one job, it needs to be light weight, highly functional but simple and fit for purpose… or even better, a few purposes! 

The Lite-Speed is windproof and water repellent, so it acts as a windshield and a shower proof jacket. If it’s not being used as one of them initially, then its still light enough to be carried around for the sake of it as an extra layer for when you really do feel the cold! 

Initially, when I first physically held the Lite-Speed Pull-On I couldn’t believe how thin and light it was. It packed down so small that it was practically unnoticeable in my Gecko running pack. The Pertex Quantum Eco fabric that it is made from felt super thin, but importantly super strong at the same time. I couldn’t wait to try it out properly in the hills! 


Mens windproof lightweight jacket | Montane

Testing in the Peak District

Eager to put the Pull-On through its paces, I decided to head out for a day’s running in the Peak District. It was a fine day but significantly cold up on the tops. The wind chill was about -4 when up high and exposed, perfect conditions to see how the Lite-Speed performed under pressure.

When I first set off at low level I didn’t need the jacket, I was fine with just a base layer on. However, when I got to the top of the first climb, I was hit with the wind and because I’d gotten slightly hot and sweaty on the way up, the cold wind felt even colder. This quickly made me feel really uncomfortable, so I hid behind some boulders and put the Lite-Speed on.

I couldn’t believe how much better I felt when I put the jacket on. For something so small, light and thin it was totally windproof! It was quite a weird feeling because the wind was about 30mph (so pretty strong) and I could physically see the wind blowing the jacket up tight to my damp base layer but I couldn’t feel the icy cold temperature that usually comes with it! As a result, I felt so much better and was able to confidently and comfortably enjoy the remainder of my run, despite the howling, cold wind.

mens ligthweight windproof jacket | Montane

Fit & Favourite Features

I’m 6ft 2 and about 92kg. I found that a size Large in the Lite-Speed Pull-On was a perfect fit for me. Whilst I can get into a medium, it was slightly too small for me so I sized up for a better fit.

My favourite feature was the jacket’s size and weight. I can squish it down to practically nothing and stow it in the external pockets of my running pack, meaning I can access it and put it on really quickly. I have another Lite-Speed Jacket in an XL so that I can pull it on over the top of my vest so I don’t have to stop and take it off. 

Another good thing about the Lite-Speed is that there is nothing on it that doesn’t get used. There’s not a gram of wasted weight, the cuffs and hem are pre-elasticated and the zips are super light. Even the way it’s constructed is pure minimalist, down to the amount of welded joints on the seams during construction! There’s also a built in stuff sack to stuff it into itself.

Overall Verdict

You can pair the Lite-Speed Pull-On with absolutely anything. As it’s predominantly a windproof, you can wear it over a T-shirt, a vest, or a base layer, it makes a great layering option when you start getting cold! I've even used mine as a rain jacket when there’s a light shower as it’s treated with a DWR so it is able to help me stay protected and dry when the weather takes a turn.

Whilst running is my passion and day-to-day job, I've used this jacket for many other activities already and I plan to wear it throughout the coming months and beyond. This includes: walking, fast packing, mountain biking, climbing, paddle boarding, camping or even just walking my dog. It’s so handy and practical - I think it could be used for just about anything outdoors this season! 

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Howard reviewed the Lite-Speed Trail Pull On. Learn more about the technology behind this windproof jacket and discover why we believe it is made for more this season. 

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