Kit Review: Trailblazer LT pack

Looking for a technical, lightweight pack this summer? We asked #TeamMontane athlete Katy Parrott to test out this season’s new Trailblazer LT pack…  

The Trailblazer LT pack has been especially designed for active adventurers who demand the lightest weight, but cannot compromise on their performance. In short, it’s the ultimate fast and light pack. By design, we believe this Trailblazer perfectly captures the ethos of this seasons Made for More campaign. Available in 2 sizes, including the 20L and 28L, alongside being incredibly lightweight, some of the key features of the Trailblazer LT pack include it’s body hugging fit and its fully taped seams, which provide waterproof protection against changeable conditions.

We’re sure this pack is a great option for anyone looking to push their limits on the trail this season, but to ensure the Trailblazer pack is fit for purpose, we asked Montane athlete and all-round adventurer Katy Parrott to test out this lightweight backpack for us. Keep reading to see how she got on. Having completed the Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra earlier this year (read Katy’s Q&A for more information on this) she knows exactly what’s needed to push her limits in extreme conditions…

Introducing Katy Parrott

My name is Katy Parrott and I’m happiest outdoors, from ultra running and climbing mountains, to a chilled hike in the hills or a local wild camp. Whatever I'm up to, I always need a reliable, technical pack to carry my kit (and many snacks…). I recently started using the Trailblazer LT 20L

Trailblazer LT pack | Montane

Overall summary

So far I have tested the Trailblazer on several UK micro-adventures, including coastal hikes and gentle long trail runs. I think it would be perfect for multi-day adventures or ultras, where low weight and speed are essential.

I instantly noticed how incredibly lightweight it is - only 300g in fact. Despite this, it still feels robust enough to deal with ever changing weather and kept all my kit dry inside. You do need to make sure the top is rolled down a few times though. 

It has a blend of technology and design that makes what could otherwise be a very niche and technical piece of kit, very useable. The versatility of the Covalent harness, storage options, and taped seams has come together to create a lightweight pack that really does help you go ‘Further. Faster.’... as we here at Montane like to say. I honestly can't wait to test it further for a wildcamp/ bivvy night, but so far it's got a huge thumbs up from me!


The pack comes in 2 sizes and I opted for the smaller 20L option. I am fairly small at 5'3" and a size 8, but with the straps pulled in tight it fits really well around my shoulders, chest and waist. The length of straps means it has the versatility to fit people of all shapes and sizes. I find the Trailblazer LT is extremely comfortable and body hugging, which is perfect for moving at speed.

Trailblazer LT pack | Montane

Favourite features

I particularly like the chest pockets on the shoulder straps as they are useful for storing kit that you need to access quicky, such as a phone or a snack. My other favourite feature is the large elastic storage on both sides of the outside of the pack - ideal for stuffing extra kit when I want to quickly loose a layer. I’ve used this feature to slide my Spine waterproof jacket in after a rain shower eased and I needed to cool off. 

Katy’s kit list

Alongside carrying the Trailblazer LT pack, I headed out with my trusted stretchy Ineo Tough Pants, warm Protium Fleece and Via Strech Headband. Exploring in the summer means more opportunity to experience better weather - but it’s always best to be safe than sorry, hence why I also had my reliable waterproof jacket stashed in my pack, just in case… Other than that I ofcourse made sure I had lots of snacks to keep me fuelled whilst I was on th move!

Feeling inspired?

The Trailblazer LT pack is available in two sizes, 20L & 28L - dependant on your requirements and space needed for all your adventure essentials. Need more convincing? Take a look at our dedicated technology page to learn more about the design behind these packs.

Alternatively, for those seeking more packs to suit a variety of adventures and needs, take a look at the full Montane pack range instead. Here you will find options for hikers, runners, climbers and multi-use. 

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