Meet the Montane #LitterHeroes

In support of Keep Britain Tidy’s Great British Spring Clean (17 March to 02 April) we want to highlight some of the Montane team members doing their bit to help keep our local spaces free of litter.

We love a local litter pick here at Montane HQ! We've been litter picking for several years now and in the past year alone our team have volunteered over 90 hours. This involves heading out with our litter pickers to collect and remove rubbish around our office in Ashington, Northumberland. Litter picking not only helps to keep our local ecosystems thriving, it’s a great way for our team to get out and enjoy some fresh air too.

Significantly the Great British Spring Clean is the nation's biggest mass-action environmental campaign. What better excuse to assemble our team for a good cause? As usual, our latest litter pick featured lots of familiar faces, each passionate about helping to protect the planet for future generations. Keep reading to meet some of our incredible #LitterHeroes...

Simon Downie, Sales Support Executive

Why do you litter pick? As someone who spends a great deal of time outdoors in nature I feel I have a duty of care to look after it as best I can. It's a privilege most people overlook and, as a rule of thumb, I always try to leave somewhere better than I found it. It’s also a great excuse to break up the working day and get outside for some fresh air and a chat!

Most unusual item? A can a of lager that expired in the 90’s

Annabel Knowles, Social Media Manager

Why do you litter pick? As well as to help protect the environment and create a clean and safe space for the community, I find litter picking to be a very therapeutic activity. When I'm out litter picking, it gives me a sole task to focus on and distracts me from any worrisome thoughts. It definitely helps to keep my mind in the present. 

Most unusual item? A pair of knickers. No comment!

James Krasucki, Equipment Designer

Why do you litter pick? I think it makes you realise and understand the size of the problem and the issues around littering when you have to manually pick it up - you also start to see what the most common items are. However, I also think that the more time we can spend outside everyday, the better!

Most unusual item? 2 unopened pints of milk

Anna Pitman, CSR Manager

Why do you litter pick? I love spending time outdoors, and litter picking is a great way to combine that with doing something positive for our local community! The sessions have been a great way to engage staff with thinking about the environment and introduce new colleagues to the team. The response from staff has been fantastic, which is always really heartwarming!

Most unusual item? A single shoe. Made me wonder if someone wandered off with just one!

Natalie Young | Product Development Manager

Why do you litter pick?  Partaking in the Montane litter picks is a great opportunity]to team up with colleagues I don’t sometimes get to speak to everyday. I’m always amazed by how much litter we manage to collect during the sessions, the amount and variety of items seems inconceivable for the relatively small area we cover; it really makes you think of how big the problem is!

Most unusual item? A shopping basket - someone must have forgotten their bag for life…

Jon Scott | Head of Logistics

Why do you litter pick? Getting up from my desk to get fresh air is good, but I mainly do it because it's good to have a positive impact. It's good to leave the area a bit better than we found it. I enjoy spending time outdoors, so it seems fair that I should help to keep it tidy. 

Most unusual item? About 100ft of Christmas lights. Not sure Santa would approve.

How you can get involved

Eager to get involved in a local litter pick to help with this great cause? Why not join in the Great British Spring Clean this month (17 March - 02 April)? In support of this, we’re also running a giveaway over on Instagram, where one lucky litter-picking hero can win a Montane backpack of their choice. Simply share a photo of you out litter picking, use #GBSpringClean and tag us (@montaneofficial) for your chance to win!