Montane Cheviot Goat Strava Challenge

As the headline sponsor of the Cheviot Goat Winter Ultra, Montane invites you to push your boundaries and go the distance with our winter Strava challenge...

The Cheviot Goat is a brutal 55-mile winter ultra-run that tests all of your abilities. Based in the remote Cheviot Hills, the race takes in one of England’s last remaining wildernesses. This isn’t an event for the faint hearted, with both your mind and body placed under stress in an unforgiving environment. 

Join our Strava challenge to claim a Montane reward
We’re feeling inspired by this notoriously challenging run and want to encourage as many of you as we can to get active with us this winter and see the year out in true Montane style. That’s why we’ve created a suitably tough Strava challenge that everyone can get involved in. Whether you’ve got your eye on your first ultra or you’re just eager to get moving before the inevitable Christmas feasting! 

You'll have just over two weeks to complete 50km on foot in order to win a reward from us, as well as a Cheviot Goat digital badge to help boost your Strava street cred. As a further incentive, those who sign up for their reward will be entered into the draw to win a full Montane race outfit and entry in to next years’ race. Take a look at our Cheviot Goat kit builder to get inspired.

Sign up to the Montane club, join the challenge and start pushing yourself Further. Faster!