Montane Dragons Back Race®

We are serious about endurance. In 2021 we will sponsor one of the UK's premier ultra-endurance events - the Montane Dragon's Back Race.

We are excited to announce the sponsorship of the UK's premier ultra-endurance events - the Montane Dragon's Back Race - this year it extends its course to 380km of distance and 17,400m of ascent.

“Montane’s pedigree of supporting many of the world’s most demanding races is a natural fit with the race and its formidable international reputation. The superb range of products made by Montane is the perfect answer for the challenging conditions participants may find themselves in while racing in the Welsh mountains.”

- Shane Ohly, DB Race Director

The race will now also run over six days.

Montane and the Dragon's Back share a history of incredible feats of endurance, with Montane athletes setting the course record twice over the past 2 iterations of the race. Montane athlete Galen Reynolds currently holds the course record, and previous record-holder Marcus Scotney is returning to the race this year to reclaim his crown!


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