Montane Legwear: Everything you need to know

Discover our new legwear updates this season and find your ultimate pair of men’s or women’s trousers for warmer adventures. Designed to move with you on every adventure. 

Simplicity is not just a Montane mindset, it’s a philosophy instilled across our range of kit. That’s why for SS23, we’ve updated our whole legwear range, simplifying it so you can more easily find the best trousers, leggings and shorts to suit your intended activity. Whether it’s hiking, climbing or running that gets you outside - we believe we have exactly the right pair of legwear you need to keep you protected and able to push your limits.

For those unsure of where to begin, we would always suggest asking yourself the following questions: what are you using this piece of kit for? What fit are you looking for? And finally, what conditions will you be doing your activity in? Once you have established these key things, you can begin to find the right kit to suit your specific needs. 

In the meantime, keep reading for an overview of our legwear range, including essential information about our updated size and fit guides, as well as the legwear styles we currently offer…

We’re always trying to solve problems and make products more intuitive. So for this season, we took a step back and looked at our whole range. We have simplified the range and consolidated our styles, ensuring we have the right products for the intended use. 

It was also imperative that the range was structured to provide greater understanding of every legwear style. Each legwear family has its own fit, fabrication and intended use. It means you can now find the right product to suit your needs with ease.  ” Matt Kemp, Design Director


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Size and Fit

Fit refers to how our kit fits your body. We have identified 5 different fits to choose from:

Regular: A standard fit for core outdoor activities, such as hiking and trekking.

Athletic: Provides added stretch, greater freedom of movement and a slightly closer fit. Currently not available for women.

Trim: A very close fit for fast, high-output activities.

Next to skin: Close fitting base layers, including Long Johns and Long Janes.

Run: Legwear that’s been especially tailored for running, including Trail Tights and Slip Stream Shorts.

In addition to our new fit guides, for ss23, we have also standardised our sizing. This means that, no matter what waist size you buy, the inside leg measurement will remain the same. That’s unless you choose to alter by selecting short, regular or long leg (depending on how tall you are and availability). This season, we’ve also added XXXL for men and XXL for women, providing more options to choose from to suit a wider variety of shapes and sizes.

NB: Our older legwear styles still use our old size chart, so it’s always best to check the individual product size charts for the correct leg lengths!

Terra Pants

Since their launch back in 2001, our Terra Pants have gone on to become best-loved pieces of kit amongst walkers, hikers and long-distance trekkers. These lightweight, weather-resistant, highly breathable trousers are built in regular fit (within a slightly trimmer fit for women than men) and have proven time and time again to keep you both comfortable and well protected on the trail. Just read some of our Terra Pant reviews to see what those who have tried and tested them think!

For ss23, we’re expanding our Terra Pants range to include Terra Lite Pants for men and women. Whilst these are still in a comfortable regular fit, they are better suited for warmer walking adventures, owing to being lightweight, fast drying and packable. This season, all Terra Pants now come with a premium metal buckle (instead of plastic), primarily to provide a lower profile, more comfortable buckle that is easy to use. Take a look at our full Terra Pants range to find your ultimate men’s or women’s hiking trousers.

Introducing Tenacity and Dynamic Legwear

As part of our legwear overhaul this season, we’ve introduced 2 new legwear families for men: Tenacity and Dynamic Pants. Designed with an athletic fit in mind, the Tenacity Pants provide a robust, technical men’s trouser in an athletic fit, ideal for hikers or trekkers taking on tougher alpine or mountain terrain. Tenacity Pants also come with an integrated belt in the waistband and a deeper yoke at the back; this considered design makes these men’s trousers really comfortable on the move. Tenacity Lite Pants provide a more lightweight option for warmer days.

Our Dynamic Lite Pants provide a trim fit and have been specifically built for speed. These are the ultimate trousers for men who like to move fast and light in the mountains, but aren’t necessarily runners. Tough and lightweight, the Dynamic pants provide great freedom of movement. We also provide Dynamic Nano Pants for an even trimmer fit on those really warm days in the mountains. 

Dynamic Lite Pants

Women's Legwear

In addition to our new women’s Terra Lite Pants, this season, we have added a new colour to our best-loved Ineo Pants range. For those unfamiliar, our stretchy Ineo Pants come in a trim fit and provide enhanced freedom of movement, perfect for women who love to take on fast and light adventures such as fastpacking. 

Bridging the gap between our women's Ineo Pants and Terra Pants are our women’s Tucana Pants. These are a highly versatile pair of women’s trousers that are both durable and built with added stretch, making them great for a variety of activities, from walking and hiking to climbing. Also available as a lightweight option and in ¾ length, each makes a great pair of climbing trousers for women, alongside other active mountain activities this season. 

Better for the Planet

As part of our journey towards becoming more sustainable, we design and develop our products so that they are as durable as possible and, ultimately, built to last. For ss23, all new legwear, including our Tenacity and Dynamic trousers, use a PFC - Free (C0) DWR (durable water repellent)