#MyMontane: 10 extraordinary adventures

We reflect on 30 years of Montane with the help of our extended community. Discover stories inspired by the great outdoors…

To mark 30 years of progress, we are reflecting on our journey with the help of the people who have got us here today! That’s why, earlier this year we asked for your favourite Montane stories. The response was phenomenal and we absolutely loved hearing how Montane clothing and equipment have helped so many of you get more from your life outside.

Discover our winning story from Samuel here. Alternatively, keep scrolling to hear more extraordinary tales of Montane gear in action, including what immersing yourself in nature means to our community of explorers…

Trusted trousers for a lifelong challenge

In 2016, I set out to complete the 214 Wainwrights. I purchased some Montane Terra pants and set off with the goal of completing the challenge with my dog Millie. 8 years on after many amazing hikes and wild camps (in all weathers!) I finally completed the challenge! I started with one pup and a girlfriend and finished with a wife, Millie the dog (now 10), Lola the dog (we rescued her in 2018) and 2x new daughters Elissa and Clara.

It’s been the greatest challenge and hobby, and my trusty Montane pants have been on pretty much every hike. They did the job immaculately. I’ve no idea how they still look brand new, but that says a lot about the quality of the product. I’ve recommended them to many people over the years! Thanks, Montane, from a lifelong customer! - Rob Walker 

Life-affirming revelations 

I’ve walked ever since I was a child but didn’t properly discover my love for the mountains until my late teens. Looking back, sometimes I wish my life had taken a different track to work outdoors, but at 18 I went to university and after graduating, at 21, I became a police officer. Throughout university, I tried to get into the UK mountains as much as I could, but it wasn’t a priority for me. I’m hindsight, this was wasted time and a missed opportunity. 

Around 6 months into my policing career, I met a lady who had, in her early 30s developed a rare brain condition. She was told by her doctors that she did not have long to live. In a matter of months, she had gone from a strong, independent mother, to someone who could not even bath her children. She told me about all the things that she had wanted to experience with them, but now would never be allowed to do. I came away from meeting her questioning what I wanted to do in life, and what I would be disappointed that I had not done if suddenly I was not able anymore. 

Now, I strive to have as many adventures and experiences as I can. I’m training as a mountain leader to work in the mountains in my spare time, helping other people to enjoy them. I have a walking bucket list on my phone of places to go to and mountains to climb (ultimately culminating in Everest, if all goes to plan). I work hard, for the police and in the army reserve, knowing that I am fortunate enough to be able to spend any small amounts of savings on Montane kit and big adventures. I acknowledge that I am extremely privileged to be in my position of good health and aim to maximize this while I still can. I would encourage everyone to pause in life and think about where they want to be and what they want to do. - Emma Coleman

A spectacular sunrise to remember

My wife and I set off at 02:30 a.m. to catch the sunrise on Cader Idris in Wales. My Montane Waterproof Jacket was superb at keeping the wind off in the early hours whilst also maintaining breathability, as we worked hard to reach the summit. Watching the sunrise from the Cader range was a true spectacle. 

The sense of elation as we ran back down with the sun on our backs made the early start all worthwhile. My wife and I have used your products for adventures all over the world but it’s often adventures in our backyard that are the most magical. - Daniel Tierney

A jacket that has never let me down

The company I worked for held mountain-based charity events each year. In 2018, the year I joined, there was a gruelling 24 peaks in 24 hours through the Lake District. I needed an outer shell that could protect me against anything Mother Nature could throw in those 24 hours. I bought the jacket after a fair bit of research and started my Montane journey at the same time. I have never looked back. 

The jacket is now my single favourite bit of kit. I often joke with my wife if the choice is her or the jacket, the jacket wins. 5 years later, it is still going strong. It has been with me over countless hundreds of relentless miles across the peaks of the UK in all weather conditions. After volunteering for the charity (Youth Adventure Trust) I have spent countless hours perched on the most exposed faces of all the major peaks from Snowdon to Ben Nevis, rain and shine to sheet and snow. - David Burns

Building confidence and resilience

I bought my Ineo Pants in March in preparation for a series of solo ascents of iconic Welsh mountains. So far this year (intermingled with solo hikes in Derbyshire and Northumberland) I have climbed Pen Yr Ole Wen, Tryfan, Cnicht, Moel Siabod, and Crib Goch. Over the next month, I plan to climb Pen Y Fan, Cadair Idris, and Snowdon. I began solo hiking to build my stamina, confidence, and resilience. I have most certainly achieved that goal. - Lisa Miller

A life-changing journey

Both me and my wife weighed over 22.5 stone. After a health scare, we slowly started to lose weight. The more weight we lost the more we could walk, and the more we walked the further into the hills we went. The further we went, the more weight we lost. We needed a kit that was reliable and would allow us to keep moving forward with our journey of trying to make up for all the time we lost being immobile. 

Our extensive Montane gear has seen us through some small journeys at the start of this journey, involving getting out and exploring the mountains around us, to ultra races, including my attempt at the Cape Wrath Ultra (I sadly got a fractured foot on day one, so dropped to the explorer race).  Our gear has been with us every step of the way! - Victoria Basset-Smith

The ultimate climbing partner 

I write from our tent while we're both wearing our Montane jackets. 5 years ago I met a guy at the climbing wall. He had a super old patched-up Montane Down Jacket. He talked to me and we started climbing together. That night, he lent me his jacket while I was belaying for him. I commented on it, as it immediately got me warm. He said he was ready to retire, but that he was too attached to it. 

Long story short we started dating, and on my first birthday together he bought me a purple and yellow Montane Down Jacket as a present. I have it to this day and it goes with me everywhere I go and so does he who's now my partner. He still has his old patched jacket which has been with him for over 15 years now, though he bought himself another, this one is his go-to. Mine still looks like new!  - Karolina Rodriguez

Finding a new focus in the outdoors

I was a UK Police Officer for 30 years, leaving at the rank of Detective Chief Inspector just before COVID-19 hit. When I retired, it was as if every case I had ever dealt with caught up with me. I began to have awful dreams and ended up in tears at the news on TV, as particular incidents came to mind. In 2019, I took my son trekking and reignited a life-long love of the outdoors. I bought my Montane full-zip mid-layer fleece as a necessary piece of kit as I began to travel further afield and needed a good quality layering system. I began to walk further and climb bigger mountains. There was nothing like going out at dusk or an early ‘Alpine’ start, feeling the wind and rain on my face and the sounds of the birds in the air. 

My goal was to beat the PTSD-type symptoms through the connection with nature and the mountains, and I have achieved that...most of the time! I have opened a new career in the outdoors, and have been blessed to have trekked and climbed across the Alps, the Pyrenees, and Nepal in the last two years. And the Montane fleece? Worn on every trip …. I donated it to one of our Sherpa porters in Lukla after a trek to Everest Base Camp in October 2022. Some of their kit was not suitable, and I was happy to make the sacrifice. I have no doubt it will be worn for many more years to come in the Himalayas. - Andy Gooch

Happy 30th birthday Montane

In 1999, I organised an expedition to Nepal to climb Mera Peak. We got in touch with Montane and one of the team came to our dingy office in East London with loads of kit. We were given a chance to buy the salopettes and smocks and some other early classics at a reduced price. We all bought something and then headed off to Nepal. We didn't make it to the top. We got caught in an avalanche and a couple of the lads were saved by our sherpa guides, who held them on our ropes as the snow slid from under their feet. 

The pile and pertex were quite a new technology and worked well for all of us toiling up the mountains at 5,000m+. Nearly 25 years later I still wear my smock every time I ski. Whilst technology has advanced, and I own 3 pairs of Montane shorts, 4 jackets, and a pair of trousers, my old smock is still going strong and my preferred choice for skiing. It has been a pleasure to enjoy using your kit and to see your firm go from strength to strength from those early days. Happy 30th Birthday to you all! - Toby Wooton

The finest clothing for saving lives

We are Midlands Air Ambulance Charity. We operate 365 days a year providing enhanced care to patients across the whole of the West Midlands by helicopter and critical care car. Our clinical staff (doctors, critical care, paramedics, and pilots) have to operate in all weathers to save lives and need equipment that is up to the task of keeping them warm and dry.

We entrusted this to Montane and have had three years of incredible service from your amazing Montane gear. The fact is Montane has been the finest clothing we have ever had. - Ian Roberts

30 years of progress

Thanks to everyone who shared their Montane stories with us, we wouldn’t be here without you! Want to find out more about our journey so far? Head over to our dedicated 30-year page