#MyMontane Running Motivation

Looking for a boost of motivation to get you out the door and running this season? We asked the #MyMontane community to share their top running advice…

Whether you’re a pro runner, or a beginner to the world of running, everyone struggles with motivation to get going at some point! So with marathon season on the horizon and many long-distance events in full swing this summer, we want to help you chase those PBs and keep up the good work. 

As specialists in developing kit designed to help you go further, faster, we believe one of the best ways to help motivate you to run more is by making sure you have the right running kit. This is especially important during the warmer, summer months when lightweight, breathable clothing can make a world of difference. We’re talking base layers treated with Polygiene to help stave off those running smells, vest packs loved by our team of athletes (check out this Gecko pack review from ultra-runner Debbie Martin Consani) and shorts that will help to keep your legs feeling cool, no matter how hot the trail gets.

With your gear sorted, what next? Well, a common phrase many runners will have come across is that ‘getting out of the door is half the battle’. We couldn’t agree more. This often solo sport is as much about mental strength as it is about physical prowess. With this in mind, we asked the #MyMontane community what the best piece of running advice they’ve received is. Your chance to hear from fellow runners and to refocus on what really matters.

1. “Do it wrong or do it right, it’s all an adventure.”Outdoors_Olly

2. “As with life, just keep moving forward.” - Andy_Milton6

3. “Run slow to get fast.” - Ianb92

4. “The only way to fail is to tell yourself you have.” - Rachel_Colley

5. “Ensure there’s nothing new on race day! Rehearse everything you can: kit, nutrition, support, crew, etc.” - Louisalexanderultra

6. “Just run and the improvement will follow.” - dean_barrass 

7. “Don’t compare yourself to others. If you run, you’re a runner.” - sunsceneandsummit 

8. “Give yourself something to aim towards - sign up to an event; whether it's a 5k parkrun, a 10k or a half marathon like the GNR; it'll keep you motivated to reach that end goal!” kirstybeare 

9. “Have fun with it - run your own run.” - Toremoeller 

10. “If you can conquer the mental barrier, then nothing can stop you.” - Jessb_adventures

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