Never Stood Still | CLIMB

We hear the irresistible call to adversity, and the compulsion to overcome it.

The challenge is a hunger that can never truly be satiated. In trying, we accomplish goals and feats we never dreamed of, yet we remain all firmly within its grasp. It’s who we are, and just where we want to be.

"I’m motivated by the freedom of being outside, and by being around people who share the same ambitions that I do.

I love the danger, I love feeling fear and overcoming it. You have to be present for every move, like a kind of meditation. When I’m climbing I feel strong, like I can do whatever I want. I love pushing myself to the limit. If someone says ‘you can’t do that’ because they think its too hard, I say; ‘just watch me’.

Endurance means climbing efficiently. You’re going to get pumped. It’s going to be exhausting. You have to be smart, you need to know when is a good moment to rest. When I fall in love with a route, I can’t stop thinking about it. I go to sleep and dream about it and the moves it has. I can’t stop until I do it. It’s just me and the rock. I become so focused everything else disappears. It’s a fight. Like life itself.


I couldn’t imagine a life without climbing."

The Montane range is developed alongside elite athletes and proven at the world’s toughest endurance events, this range of clothing, packs, and accessories is purpose-built for journeying beyond— in your mind, in your body, and at the crag.

For life Never Stood Still.