Phase Lite Waterproof Jacket Review

A lightweight, durable waterproof jacket is an essential part of your layering system all year round, especially so when heavy spring showers descend. #TeamMontane’s Katy Parrot reviews the Phase Lite.

In true British fashion, I’m going to talk about the weather. I always say there’s no such thing as bad weather, you just need the right kit. But oh boy, I swear it hasn’t stopped raining since the start of 2024 – the snow and sleet in March really was the icing on the cake! Despite still trying to dry all my trail shoes out, the non-stop rain has meant I’ve well and truly been able to test the Phase Lite Waterproof Jacket to the limits over the last 3 months, with many soggy trail runs and hikes on Dartmoor.

Look and feel

What I first noticed about this waterproof was how incredibly lightweight this waterproof jacket is – at around 250g, it could not be more deserving of its title as the ‘Lite’ version of the Phase Waterproof Jacket. For GORE-TEX, the material feels extremely soft and is very comfortable to wear. It feels more like wearing a light windproof rather than a waterproof, which is perfect for moulding your body on fast paced adventures. The material feels fairly thin but is robust enough to withstand overgrown trails, where thorns might cause damage – trust me, I’ve ended up along my fair share of these.

I chose the Tigerlily colour, which is bold and bright. I personally prefer brighter colours when out in the hills and mountains for two reasons; 1) they look jazzy, and 2) they are much more effective for safety reasons – no one is going to miss you in this colour!

Phase lite waterproof jacket

I am a pretty standard size 8, but sometimes I opt for a size 10 in an outer shell. With the Phase Lite I decided to stick with an 8 as I knew I’d be wearing it more for trail running rather than mountaineering. The fit is perfect. Roomy enough to fit a couple of thin layers underneath if required, but fitted enough to shape to my body whilst running and scrambling along trails. On the rare occasion that I haven’t needed to wear the Phase Lite over the last few months, the jacket scrunches up nicely to be packed away without taking up much room. I can easily fit it in my Gecko VP 5L + with plenty of room left for my many snacks.


The Phase Lite has a few features that make it really functional to wear on your adventures. The two pockets are just the right size to stash extra bits of kit, such as gloves or a sneaky snack whilst on the go (can you tell I love snacks?!). What’s even better is that the zips are fully waterproof meaning anything you keep in there also stays dry.

The cuffs and the bottom hem of the jacket are both adjustable. I particularly like these features because I don’t like running with loose sleeves flapping around. With the Velcro cuffs, I can secure them comfortably around my wrists and above my watch so that they fit nice and snug. This also helps prevent any rain sneaking in! The bottom hem of the waterproof jacket is on an elastic cord which can be tightened around your hips.

The hood has been essential with the amount of rain I’ve encountered. But this isn’t just any hood. The elastic drawcord at the back has helped to hold it in place which has been particularly useful in crazy winds. The reinforced peak helps the hood to keep its shape and feel a bit more robust. I also really like the soft lining inside the top of the zip, so when I’ve gone into full cocoon mode with hood up and zip all the way to the top, it doesn’t rub against your chin – it’s a nice touch!


I have worn this jacket in terrible conditions – sideways rain and strong winds for over 4 hours straight – on multiple training runs. For a waterproof so lightweight I was amazed by how well it performed. The rain beaded and ran straight off the material beautifully and kept me and my base layer (usually the Dart Lite) completely bone dry. The Phase Lite put the ‘proof’ in ‘waterproof’. I also felt well protected from blustering wind whilst up on the hill tops.

I usually run quite hot when I exercise so I would usually prefer not to wear a waterproof unless I really have to. The Phase Lite is made from GORE-TEX Active material, meaning it’s more breathable than a standard GORE-TEX jacket. I’ve definitely noticed the difference with this jacket as I haven’t overheated or become overly sweaty whilst wearing it on the move. I’ve tested this in temperatures ranging from 4 degrees to 14 degrees and I’ve managed to regulate my temperature efficiently with the correct layers underneath.  

Overall, this is easily my go to waterproof jacket for faster paced adventures or wet hilly hikes this spring and summer. Its combination of being lightweight, breathable and packable make it the perfect outer layer to take on every run or hike so that you can be prepared for whatever weather surprises the UK likes to throw at us. 


This gear review was brought to you by #TeamMontane endurance athlete Katy Parrott. Katy reviewed the Women’s Phase Lite Waterproof Jacket, also available for men. For more lightweight waterproof jacket options, but not sure where to get started? Take a look at our Best Waterproof Jackets Buyers Guide