Respect the rock | BMC

Love Where you Climb. With the sun on your back, the wind below your feet and a real crag at your fingertips, climbing is a REAL experience.  These special places need our help to protect their delicate ecosystems, preserving them for future generations to enjoy.  To help make this a reality the BMC have put together some simple guidelines to ensure this continues to be a reality:

 Respect the rock

  • Can you climb there?
  • Minimise chalk use
  • Practice good climbing housekeepnig
  • Develop crags responsibly

Respect the wild

  • Keep wildlife wild
  • Park considerately
  • Leave no trace
  • ‘go’ before you go
  • Travel green

Respect other people

  • Keep a low profile
  • Don’t climb over walls or fences
  • Consider others
  • Control your dog
  • Shop locally
  • Use campsites wherever possible
Respect The Rock