#TeamMontane Review: Slipstream Trail Tights

Ultra running athlete James Nobles puts our Slipstream Trail Running Tights through their paces in the remote and rugged wintery hills of Northumberland. 

Photos: Eric Murphy

My name is James Nobles and I’m a very recent addition to Montane ultra-running team. My passion for the longer distance stuff kicked off about 5 years ago when introduced to the Bob Graham Round. The rest as they say, is history.  

We don’t often need to run in full winter kit living down in Gloucestershire, so when I knew the Cheviot Goat Winter Ultra was going to be a cold one, I relished the opportunity to test out the Slipstream Trail Running Tights (and a load of other great Montane gear too!). 

Race Overview

The Cheviot Goat is a 60-mile race in Northumberland’s Cheviot hills. It has a notorious reputation for being tough – relentless bogs, remote hills, and a race date in early December! 

This year we were treated to snow on the ground, -8℃ on the start line, and a bluebird forecast. Keeping my body at the right temperature was at the forefront of my mind; the weather was ideal conditions for donning the leggings.

Montane Slipstream Trail Tights

How the Slipstream Trail Tights performed

I’ve run in leggings quite a lot over the years and often get frustrated by the amount of stitch work around the knee. I find they can really rub, especially after a few hours out in the rain. The slipstream tights are different, with minimal stitching behind the knee, so no problems there. 

They also have some exceptionally well-placed fleecy panels to protect the thighs from the harsher elements. The rest of the tight is made of a lighter-weight material to help avoid over-heating. Even though the weather dropped to around -10 to -12℃ climbing up to the Cheviot, and my legs were soaked from flopping into the bogs, these tights kept my legs functioning at an optimum. 

Then there is the four-way stretch adding to their already exceptional performance. When running in winter, and if you have to wear leggings, you don’t want them to impair your natural range of movement. That’s the idea of the four-way stretch; to move with the body so that you barely notice wearing them. For me, that’s what makes them super comfortable over long periods of time. 

You can tell that their construction has been well thought out. They offer the right amount of protection, in the right places, to keep you and your legs happy in the best of British weather! And if you want to go on a shorter run, where you don’t need a bag, then the rear pocket is an ideal size for stashing a couple of gels, your car keys, and a moderately sized phone.

Montane Slipstream Trail Tights


I’m 5ft 9 with a 30-inch waist, usually sitting between a small and a medium in clothing sizes. I opted for a small in the leggings and they fitted perfectly, probably with an extra inch of fabric to play around with at the ankle. One of the things that I really like about them is the simple drawstring around the waist. We’ve all had leggings in the past that don’t have a drawstring and you are forever pulling them up when running. Not the case with these!

Additional Running Gear Essentials

These leggings are designed for the cooler months and adverse weather conditions. On the Goat, I paired them up with the PRIMINO T-Shirt and the Dart XT Thermal Long Sleeved Base Layer. Although we were racing in some of this year’s coldest weather, this combo was spot on, wicking the sweat and keeping me warm. Only once on top of the Cheviot did I need to pop the Fireball Lite Insulated Jacket on, which worked as expected, warming me back up and keeping out the cold. 

Future use

I’m going to be lining up at the Spine race in January next year, and these leggings will 100% be part of my go-to kit. I plan on starting the race in these and have a spare pair to jump into as and when needed. I think they are perfectly placed for these longer-distance, unpredictable weather-type, events. That said, they are equally as good for those shorter runs in the cold, wet, windy British weather. Or, if you fancy, simply taking the dog out!   

James reviewed our Men’s Slipstream Trail Running Tights. Discover more winter running gear in our official collection.