Why we’re protecting our playground this Green Friday

As we approach Green Friday we continue to support Fix the Fells and their continued efforts to protect one of our favourite playgrounds: The Lake District National Park. By donating our Black Friday marketing budget, and raising awareness through the George Fisher Tea Round, we’ve donated over £7,000 to Fix the Fells since we started working with them in 2021. 

The great outdoors is our ultimate playground. The place where we feel happiest and most alive. But we know that it is a privilege to explore these natural environments and that we must do our bit to help protect them for future generations.

Our commitment to the survival of the wild places we love can be seen in our support of several organisations and initiatives to help with their upkeep. Whilst we do this throughout the year, the ethos of Green Friday enables us to revisit these commitments and reaffirm them through positive action. To give back to a cause that really matters to us. So, rather than dishing out Black Friday discounts, we’ll be donating our Black Friday budget of £2,500 to Fix the Fells. That’s right, no deals… just good deeds!

The money donated will go directly towards the maintenance of upland Lakeland fells, in turn helping to combat the damaging effects of erosion in the region.  Fix the Fells maintain over 344 upland paths, covering 410 miles (661km) and without this dedicated team of volunteers and rangers, the Lake District would be unrecognisable. Ultimately they ensure the National Park remains a special place for everyone to experience.

Fix The Fells

Helping Fix the Fells to go Further Forever

This year's Green Friday donation comes as part of our ongoing support of Fix the Fells, having also donated our marketing budget to them last Green Friday. But that’s not all! These donations are regularly bolstered by our work with the George Fisher Tea Round - a fun outdoor challenge starting and finishing in Keswick.

Set up as a way to inspire more people to take on some of the Lake District’s incredible scenery, the Tea Round encourages all those who take part to provide a donation to Fix the Fells. This helps to offset any damage they may cause. For every donation received from a Tea Round runner, we also match fund the amount. Since setting this up last year, we have match-funded over £2,000. 

This means that so far, combining this year's Green Friday donation, we’ve raised over £7,000 for Fix the Fells’ restoration projects of upland paths. But we know we can do more with your help! By taking on the Tea Round challenge and donating to Fix the Fells we can all reap the rewards of this much-loved natural playground and give back to it whilst we do so. 

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