Chase Winter Miles

The mountains are unpredictable. Days can be short, sharp and focussed, or full of effort and variety. When conditions are piercing, you need to be prepared and untethered with lightweight, protective clothing and equipment. Maximum protection with minimum weight for covering miles, fast.

Discover our winter running collection.

Phase Nano Waterproof Shell.

Built for endurance. The Phase Nano Jacket is designed for those who aren’t fazed by the weather. Using 13 denier GORE-TEX Active technology, this is our lightest and most breathable shell. Protection that doesn’t compromise your performance.

Fireball Lite Hoodie.

Built to breathe. The Fireball Lite Hoodie is designed to regulate your core body temperature during high-output activities. The pinnacle in active insulation for protective, lightweight warmth. Demand more out of every layer.

Slipstream Thermal Running Tights.

Built for movement. The Slipstream Thermal Trail Tights are designed to stretch and adapt as you move. The added fleece liner provides extra warmth, whilst the wind proof panels keep off the chill so you can stay out for longer.

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