Montane has become synonymous with lightweight and breathable clothing and equipment. Designing technical kit for fast and light adventures in extreme environments is ultimately what drives us day-to-day. In doing so, we’re able to push the boundaries of what is possible in outdoor kit, equipment and accessories. To achieve this, we’re guided by 3 core principles: appropriate weight, fabric selection and efficiency of movement. By appropriately balancing these principles, we believe we can help you to navigate the outdoor world with maximum efficiency.

The fast and light concept brings a delicate balance of specificity and versatility. It is as much an ethical standard as it is a packing rationale (hear from #TeamMontane ultra runner Howard Dracup for more insights on how you can pack lightly this summer!). At its core, it is to move at the edge of endurance in the most efficient way possible. This means using only what is necessary, in ways that allow for optimum performance and immersion. Ultimately, everything must have a purpose.

Whether you love running, hiking or heading off for high-altitude adventures, moving fast and light allows you to be totally immersed in your chosen activity. It requires kit that has been designed with purpose to move with you, protect you from the elements and perform to your highest expectation.
Appropriate Weight

Appropriate Weight

What you wear needs to be fit for purpose; durable, warm and protective enough for the weather conditions you’ll encounter and your specific activity needs. But your kit also needs to be light enough to operate without constraint.

That’s why we design our kit to be ‘lightweight without compromise’. We believe our technical kit and equipment should be as light as possible, without limiting your performance whilst navigating challenging environments.

By balancing our chosen fabric technologies with appropriate feature sets, we create technical and versatile products that can withstand the elements and take you further than you thought possible.

The Fireball Nano exemplifies appropriate weight. Designed for long efforts where breathability is key, and when protection from the elements is needed. 40g/m2 Dynamic Eco insulation zoned around the core of the body reduces weight and keeps warmth where you need it, whilst the uninsulated arms maximise breathability when on the move.

Fabric selection

Fabric selection

Material choice is inextricably linked to performance. Every aspect of fabric choice affects the connection between you and the outdoors, from face fabric and membrane breathability to fit and seam construction.

The cumulative effect of a fabric’s construction and feature set can drastically influence your experience out on the trail or as you climb a mountain. These should work harmoniously with your aspirations, enabling you to successfully achieve your goals.

Good fabric selection ensures you benefit from a well-regulated internal environment and stay protected from the elements. This, in turn, creates the optimum conditions needed for your intentions to be realised, dramatically increasing your performance and appreciation of the environments you are moving through.

Fabric selection is paramount to the performance of our lightest weight Gore-Tex waterproof shell. Built with a nano-weight 13 Denier face fabric over the Gore-Tex Active waterproof and breathable membrane, The Phase Nano Waterproof Jacket is designed for maximum performance in adverse conditions. The trim fit and added articulation accentuate the fast-moving, activity-focused nature of the jacket for ease of movement over long distances and big efforts.

Efficiency of movement

Efficiency of movement

Moving efficiently allows you to pursue your goals, free from distraction. To move as far or as fast as you want. This requires clothing and equipment that protects, insulates and wicks without restricting movement. The result is the ability to enhance your focus and immersion in the great outdoors.

Whether you’re a trail runner looking to go beyond this season or a climber reaching for that next hold, kit that allows you to move efficiently is critical to provide you the confidence you need to pursue adventure.

In many ways, efficiency is the combination and balance of weight and fabric with fit, construction and feature set. All elements converge to create a garment truly fit for purpose.

The Dynamic Nano Pants are refined to pure, functionary minimalism that are perfect for fast and light mountain adventures. Raptor Flex 4-way stretch fabric is shaped into a trim fit, with articulated knees offering unrestricted movement despite their sleek silhouette.