Introducing Dominik Schrader

Dominik "Dom" Schrader comes from Wolfenbüttel, which is close to the Harz Mountains in the middle of Germany. Dom works in a hospital and is the head of integration support for people with mental illness.

The transition from a road and track runner to a trail runner inspires him most and challenges him at the same time tremendously. The idea of changing the race view from clocking every second on a track, to exploring nature and the outdoors in various weather conditions is Dom's inspiration to becoming a better athlete.

After winning or placing Top 3 at various distances on the track and on the road at National Championships for his age group he felt that he needed to change the perspective of running. Dom felt tired of chasing every second, counting laps and was exhausted and felt empty. So he started to run trails, hiking the mountains nearby and found a new love in a more free form of running. He truly enjoys leaving the rush behind and finding freedom on natural terrain…
Key Achievements

Key Achievements

1st at Trailgame 50k in Bad Iburg | Pacemaker at Berlin Marathon sub 2:30 finisher time | 2nd at Bad Harzburg Trail Half-Marathon | 2nd at Nationals 50k Masters M40 (3:10:04) | National Record Team 50k

National Champ Masters 35 Team Cross Country | National Champ Master 40 Team 10k | 2nd at Nationals Master 40 10k | 2nd at Nationals Half Marathon Master M40 | National Champ Master 40 Team Half Marathon | Course Record Asse Trail

State Champion 10 k Master M40 | 3rd at Nationals Mountain Running M35 | 3rd at Nationals Masters M40 5.000m | 3rd at Nationals Master M40 1.500m | State Champion 10.000m M40 | Dresden Invitational Half Marathon 01:10:36 | Berlin Invitational 10k in 32:00

“The Montane gear gives me the opportunity to focus on running. With the gear I feel comfortable pushing myself. I don’t have to be concerned that I get any blisters, or such. I can focus on the trails and enjoy nature.

I understand the Montane gear as one important aspect of being a good athlete. On the trails and in the mountains the weather can change quickly. With Montane I always have a backup for sudden weather changes and feeling safe on the trail.” - Dominik Schrader

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