Scottish Winter Climbing | The Cairngorms, Scotland

57° 8' 10.9340" N 3° 40' 22.2192" W

When the conditions are as imposing as the route, it takes a certain type of experience and motivation to push on. For many this unknown would be too far, with high winds and unforgiving terrain only adding to the risk and allure.

To ascend great mountains like this, not only takes great courage and skill, but protective, highly technical kit you can completely trust and rely upon. From extremely durable waterproof jackets, to warm layers that help to lock the heat in whilst you’re mountaineering…
Unyielding Elements in the Cairngorms

Unyielding Elements in the Cairngorms

Experienced adventure photographer Hamish Frost has faced all sorts of challenging environments over the years. However, capturing Fiacaill Ridge in the Cairngorms National Park proved the biggest challenge yet...

Trust yourself.

Trust your kit.

Find your unknown.