Introducing Howard Dracup

Howard is a passionate runner, born and raised in Lancashire. Despite finding running later in life – almost by accident – he moved to Cumbria especially to help him train better and hone his skills in the rugged Cumbrian hills. His love for running came from a desire for peace amongst a turbulent world.

A natural athlete with an innate toughness, it is not surprising he enjoys the rigours of training at the highest level in the lake district hills around his Cumbrian home. Running long distances for Howard is a meditative process, and positive mental health benefits are a principal inspiration to keep him pushing himself.

Today he can be found putting his running skills to the test on some of the toughest races on the planet, including the notoriously challenging Spine race. He is also a coach, inspiring more people to get involved in this sport. We think his results speak for themselves.
Key Achievements

Key Achievements

Swiss Peaks 360

Cape Wrath Ultra. 9th Place Overall.
The Montane Spine Challenger North. 3rd Place Overall.

Broke the 36 year old record for “The Steve Parr Round”. A challenge in the Lake District in which you have to touch all the Wainwright tops over 2500ft. A 116 miles route with 42,550ft of elevation. Howard completed the round in 42hrs 36mins breaking the previous record of 42hr 56mins by 20mins.

Vietnam Mountain Marathon 100km. 5th Place Overall
Beacons Way Ultra 100mile Race. 1st Place Overall
The Scafell Skyrace. 8th Place Overall
Ultra Trail Snowdonia 50 Mile Race. 6th Place Overall
The Montane Spine Challenger South. 3rd Place Overall
The Cheviot Goat Ultra. Joint 6th Overall.

“I love the simplicity and high functionality of all my montane kit and the fact that its really versatile. I use it for running, walking, climbing, SUP, kayaking, wild swimming and bike riding. I know I can rely on it to keep me safe, warm and dry when running in testing, challenging conditions alone in the mountains for days on end” - Howard Dracup

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