Introducing James Nobles

James is an ultra mountain runner based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. He is a public health researcher by day, a runner in the morning, and a Dad the remainder of the time.

He got his first taste of ultra running in 2019 when supporting a friend on the Bob Graham round in the Lake District. One year later, and James committed to the idea of his own Bob Graham and the rest fell into place after that.

The next two years were dedicated to completing the three rounds in England, Scotland and Wales. The aim of them all; complete the round within 24 hours, self-supported or with a team.

He then caught wind of the Dragons Back Race through friends, volunteered at it in 2021, and then went on to win it in 2022. This was followed up with a win at the Silva Northern Traverse in April 2023. The bigger the challenge, the better.
Key Achievements

Key Achievements

2nd Cheviot Goat Ultra
1st Silva Northern Traverse

1st Dragons Back
7th Montane Lakeland 50
Charlie Ramsey Round - 27 hours (To be continued!)

Paddy Buckley Round - 21.35 hours

Bob Graham Round - 19.35 hours

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