Jon Gupta's 8000'ers

Summiting 8000m peaks quite literally occupy rarefied air in the world of high-altitude climbing. To date, only 40 people have summited all 14 of them. Most dream of summiting one, and to do so requires a lot to go right; with time and weather creating a constantly varied array of conditions and circumstances that must intertwine perfectly with your own preparations in order to stand any chance of success. Even a single coin-flip of bad luck can spell disaster for an expedition, and the dangers are very real, very present, and easily deadly.

Montane athlete and pro high-altitude guide Jon Gupta is guiding montane ambassador Becks Ferry on 3 expeditions over the course of 2021. If successful they will summit 6 8000m+ peaks in one year, with Becks holding the record for 8000m peaks summited by a UK woman, along with a host of other potential records.

The Expeditions:
1. Everest & Lhotse AKA ‘The High Double’
• 1st & 4th highest mountain in the world
• This will be Jon's 4th time on Everest and second ‘high double’
• Both in Apex 8000 Down Suits

2.July/August | K2 & Broad Peak
• 2nd & 12th highest mountain in the world
• IF successful she will become the first British Woman to successfully (technically the third to summit, the first to survive) climb K2, and the second women ever to climb Everest and K2.
• Less than Brits 10 people have ever climbed K2

3. September/October | Manaslu & Cho Oyu
• 8th and 6th highest mountains in the world respectively
• If successful Becks will have the most 8000ers of any Brit women – 6
• Other than Nims and co, no one has ever done 6 x 8000er in one year!