Introducing Jordan Wylie

Born and raised in Blackpool, Lancashire, Jordan was outdoorsy from a young age. When not at home in Hampshire, he can be found travelling the world experiencing new places, new people, new cultures and then sharing his stories and the lessons learnt with young people across the nation. You may recognise Jordan’s name and face as he’s a Sunday Times bestselling author, and one of the cast members of Channel 4’s Hunted and Celebrity Hunted.

Jordan comes from a military family. His father was a Royal Marines Commando and a mountain leader - someone who has always inspired him. He himself joined the Army at 16 and it was here he really got to travel the world and push the boundaries of his physical and psychological endurance. Having since left the Army, he is now the UK national ambassador for the Army Cadets, speaking to young people daily around the country to help them build resilience, learn new skills and have fun and adventures in the outdoors.

Combining his former army training and thirst for adventure, Jordan is now on a polar quest to compete in the world’s coldest marathons. With the help of his expertly designed Montane kit, he can be seen braving extreme elements in far-flung places…
Key achievements

Key achievements

Antarctic Ice marathon

Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra Marathon
Siberian Ice Race
Alaska Marathon (terminated at 10.8 miles due to avalanche warning)
Iceland Marathon

“I have and continue to use Montane kit in some of the most hostile, remote and challenging environments on the planet. From the Scottish Highlands to the Himalayas to the Polar regions and Sahara Desert, Montane kit has never let me down. When the conditions are often unpredictable you need to make sure the kit you wear isn’t. Reliability, adaptability and quality are integral for success, and all Montane products have these in abundance.”
- Jordan Wylie