Introducing Jörn Heller

Jörn is a professional UIAGM certified ski and mountain guide. Born and raised in Germany, when he’s not living in the mountains, he is based in Freiburg in the Black Forest, close to the border to France and Switzerland. Jörn has had a passion for the outdoors from a young age and since he was 16 years old he has climbed or mountaineered almost every day.

Since then, Jörn has become a guide – something he has done for nearly 30 years now. Mountaineering and climbing are his life. As a guide he works more than 200 days each year, helping to navigate others to experience the world’s great wild places. He loves to show, inspire and teach people his (mountain) way of life. As a result of his life-long passion for guiding and exploring, in total, Jörn has spent more than two years of his life on over 20 expeditions, taking place all over the world, including the Middle East and South America.
Key achievements

Key achievements

Expedition to Cerro Hyades, hielo continentale norte

Second ascent of Cerro Lago, hielo continentale norte Guiding Mont Blanc 128x

First ascent of “ last minute”, 7c+/ 8a, capo gallo sicilia

guiding 8 first ski ascents in the magellan street, tierra del fuego.
First ascent of Sharks Fin, M7, tierra del fuego.

First ascent of “La odysea de magellanes” at Monte Sarmiento de Gamboa, tierra de fuego

Fitz Roy expedition

Mount Mc Kinley 3 times on 3 different routes on the summit.

Attempt at Nuptse East One / Nepal. They reached a height of over 7000m, with difficulties up to 6c / A3.

1994: Cerro Torre, speed record with Robert Jasper

1994: First ascent of “late to say I`m sorry” in the mont blanc range. Long called as one of the most demanding routes in the range.

1991: First expedition to Peak Lenin 7134m and Pik Kommunismus 7495m.

“As a professional mountain guide I use Montane equipment almost every day. It's very reliable and I’m proud to be part of the team. It keeps me warm and dry so I can focus on my climbing. My absolute favourite is the Prism Jacket.”

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