Whether it be running, climbing, mountaineering, or fastpacking, Montane Brand Ambassadors live for all things mountainous and endurance. Their skill sets are diverse and deeper than just pure 'Further. Faster', using their talents actively within a wider outdoor community. They are tasked with getting the most out of our gear as possible, leading to engaging, interesting, and inspiring stories.

Jordan Wylie

Jordan has a military background, joining the Army when he was 16, pushing his mental and physical capabilities. Since he left the Army, he is now a national ambassador for the Army Cadets. Combining his former army training and thirst for adventure, Jordan braves the elements in far-flung places.

Jessie Leong

Jessie is a photographer, writer, presenter and filmmaker with a passion for the outdoors. She was drawn to climbing at a young age and since then she has experienced a range of climbing adventures, from dangling above sea cliffs to Alpine 4000ers.

Bee Leask

Bee is a Scottish adventurer who grew up on the Shetland Islands. Growing up in this idyllic spot instilled a love of the sea and the outdoors. From bikepacking, hiking, mountaineering, hill running and swimming, Bee enjoys it all. Bee is currently climbing all the Munros in Scotland and has ticked off 225 out of 282.

Montana Hull

Montana is an Ultra Runner, Hiker and Welsh Mountaineer. Working as in Sustainability as an Event Manager, Montana is a lover of the natural world and its preservations. Montana completed a self-organised Ultra in the North Welsh Hills where she ran 24 hours, covering 80 miles.

Marie Cheng

Marie is an all-round outdoor lover and adventurer with a passion for trail and mountain running, hiking and skiing. Born into a background which is still typically under-represented in the outdoors, she discovered her passion for adventure later after a chance ballot to climb Africa's tallest mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro.