The Montane Summer Spine Race: 15th to 22nd June 2024

53.3673° N, 1.8158° W

The notoriously challenging Spine Race is back, and it's shaping up to be an unforgettable event. The Montane Spine Race Summer Edition, often referred to as the Montane Summer Spine Race, is renowned for its demanding nature and spectacular setting. For those unfamiliar, the Spine Race is a non-stop endurance race where participants navigate the Pennine Way, facing extreme exposure to the elements, sleep deprivation, and challenging terrain.

The Montane Summer Spine Race 2023 was a testament to the toughness required, with many racers pushing their limits. The summer event for 2024 promises to be just as demanding and exhilarating. Racers will once again battle the unpredictable northern weather, which can be as challenging in summer as it is in winter. While the cold and snow may be absent, the threat of hot weather adds another layer of difficulty, testing the resilience and preparation of each participant.

If you're considering entering the Summer Spine Race, here are some essential tips: ensure you're prepared for a wide range of weather conditions, stay hydrated, manage your sleep strategically, and train rigorously on similar terrain. Learning from past races and understanding the unique challenges of the Pennine Way can make all the difference. Read on to explore our kit recommendations and find out more about race routes and stories.
Your chance to win

Your chance to win

To celebrate the Montane Summer Spine Race we are giving away a Montane Men's Featherlite Windproof Jacket or Montane Women's Featherlite Windproof Jacket in the colour of your choice!

Montane Summer Spine Race - Crash Course Video

Races to Watch

Summer Spine Race

268 miles
Edale to Kirk Yethholm
The original non-stop Spine race covering the entire length of the Pennine Way.

Summer Spine Sprint

46 miles
Edale to Hebden Bridge
An ‘entry level’ challenge that gives a flavour of the Spine race experience.

Summer Spine Challenger North

160 miles
Hardraw to Kirk Yetholm
Taking on the notoriously difficult and exposed northern stages of the Pennine Way.

Summer Spine Challenger South

108 miles
Edale to Hardraw
This challenging and technical section of the Pennine Way featuring the iconic moorland