Charles Moll | Run Story

“Being fully immersed when moving through nature is true freedom. I am compelled to return to these places and to seek out new experiences because I am continually trying to improve, to lose time, to do better."

"For me, this connection to the environment is an important source of inspiration. If you run with your head down, looking at the floor trying to push yourself, you will stop. Looking around and being aware of my place amongst nature encourages me to continue. It is almost self-perpetuating. I want to see what’s on top of the mountain, what is in the forest and what is next.

Being a long-distance runner is a lifestyle. It takes dedication, balance, and foresight. Juxtaposing being present with the expectation of what is coming. Overcoming hardships gives a tremendous sense of pride and confidence. I will be – and do – better than yesterday.

Running is everything I do. I work nights and finish late, but it gives me all day to run and train. Sometimes it's difficult to wake up after a long night of work – it’s a relationship; you must keep the balance between the good moments and the bad. When I finish a race or really long run I am proud of myself – I am a better version of myself than I was yesterday. It invariably means I can go further, spending more time on the trails." - Charles