Meet Benjamin and Sebastian!

Two brothers born in East Tyrol, who grew up in Carinthia in the middle of the Austrian Alps.

In their childhood they made some smaller hikes in the area they grew up in, but at this stage it wasn’t a very big part of their life. This changed in their early 20s when they started to get into hiking in the area they call home. But this time they wanted to climb higher up. They felt called to the beauty and the silence of the mountains. With a passion ignited, they set about dreaming of climbing their first 3000m summit. After reaching that goal, there was no holding back anymore. From this day on hiking became a weekly ritual, which Benjamin could also combine with his love for photography.

Combined Benjamin and Sebastian are known as SebBen Summits. Their goal is to climb all the 7 Summits (the highest mountains on all the continents, including the notorious Everest and Kilimanjaro). They’ve already finished three of them and the next one is currently being plotted…
Key achievements

Key achievements

Expedition in Ecuador, climbed the highest Mountains in this Country including: Cayambe 5790m, Cotopaxi 5897m and Chimborazo 6268m (retuned at 6100m because of weather and conditions)

Climbed: Großglockner via Stüdelgrat, Venedigerkrone & Ortler via Trafoi Eisrinne with Skies

Climbed the highest Mountain in Afria: Kilimanjaro via Machame Route Climbed the highest Mountain in the Alps: Mont Blanc via Cosmiques Route Climbed the highest Mountain in Europe: Elbrus via Normal Route with Skies Climbed the highest Mountain on the Australian Mainland: Mount Kosciuszko

“We love to wear Montane gear on our expeditions and tours in the Alps because they use high quality material and it is very well thought out. On our many tours now with Montane gear we have experienced extreme cold and snow storms, but our gear has never let us down.” - SebBen Summits

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