Softshell Product Aftercare

'‘How do I wash and care for my softshell jacket?’ Luckily cleaning your softshell garment is really straight forward.

There are a few simple rules to follow to ensure the longevity of your softshell garment.

We always recommend that you consult the care labels ahead of any wash or drying process.


How do I wash my Montane softshell Jacket?
Always check the wash care labels first and wash according to these instructions! Close up all the zips before placing in the washing machine. Always wash with a non-biological detergent and never wash your softshell with fabric softener. Once washed pop on an additional rinse cycle.

Once washed, check the care labels to see how you should dry. Some softshell garments need to be drip dried and others can be tumble dried. Montane does not recommend that you dry clean or bleach your softshell jackets & other clothing.

How do I care for my Softshell jacket?
Some Softshell's are treated with a DWR to help shed light rain showers. If you think this needs rejuvenating, you can spray the outside of the jacket with a reputable DWR re-proofer when wet, after washing. Make sure your garment is fully clean before doing so. Once applied, dry according to care label instructions.