Gecko Ultra V+

The new Montane Gecko Ultra V+ is a perfect synergy of science and practical experience.

Combining clothing and pack expertise to create a trail running vest pack of elegant simplicity and technical capability.

Designed for performance

Designed for performance

Designed for performance, the Gecko Ultra V+’s minimalist design removes distraction and restriction.

A close active fit that is breathable and comfortable, whilst multiple easy-access pockets allow for efficient fuel and kit management without compromising movement.

‘It’s about doing what Montane is; Further. Faster. Lightweight kit. The Gecko Ultra V+ is stripped down to the bare bones yet still functional.’

– Keith Cheung, Montane Senior Designer.

Tested by our athletes

Tested by our athletes

Born of extensive testing by some of the world’s premier ultra-endurance athletes and years of intense design, the Gecko Ultra V+ uses less to do more.

Its refined feature set is ergonomically placed to maximise useability and the RAPTOR Air 40way stretch breathable fabric utilizes zoned dynamic stability control to ensure load carrying stability.

‘it’s radically different from anything I’ve ever used. It’s got that cross between running clothing and a pack – nothing I’ve seen before”

– Montane Athlete Debbie Martin-Consani.

Wear it, don't carry it

Wear it, don't carry it

Some will call it a vest top others a pack, all we know is it’s the perfect fusion of the two delivering the ultimate in anatomically fitted storage for carrying the essentials when running on the limit.

Combining clothing and pack expertise the Gecko Ultra Vest fits close like a garment but with a multitude of pockets for carrying the essentials when racing or training hard.

‘it’s so different to a normal pack. It feels much more a part of you than like a garment, so when you are running and moving with it you feel like you aren’t wearing anything extra.’

– Montane Athlete Tom Hollins