Introducing Tom Newberry

Tom Newberry is one of the keenest climbers you’ll ever meet. He’s a jam-first Cornishman who’s free climbed El Cap, redpointed 8c+ sport routes and climbed E9 on Grit. Tom works as a Firefighter, and is also a qualified Expedition Leader.

A South West activist, Tom has a passion for exploration which led him to develop dozens and dozens of new routes across the region before he moved north to Sheffield. His Achilles heel is getting distracted by skiing, BASE jumping and Skyscanner. These days you'll often find Tom out combining this unique blend of skills with climbing to create ambitious adventures.
Key Achievements

Key Achievements

Broke the Classic Rock Peak District record by completing in 3hours 10 minutes 8 seconds

New routing trip to the untouched Jibal Hisma Desert, Saudi Arabia 2020: First Person to BASE Jump in Loas

Led expedition up Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Ran Jurrasic Coast 100K

Free Climbed El Cap Ground Up Via Freerider

Climbed first 8c+, Spicy Noodle, Yangshou China

“Pushing limits is always the goal. The confidence, comfort and functionality Montane garments offer allows performance to thrive in extreme environments. So whether, it's training, local cragging or overseas adventures, Montane has you covered.” - Tom Newberry

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